FIGGIN [2 Feb 19] New shooting video -


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at least they dont want to strip people of their guns
Nah, Phil is the normal grabber, guns for me not for thee.

While he totally ignores fire arm laws and crime stats, pretty much he thinks anyone who says ORANGE MAN BAD gets a free full auto AK47 and anyone who likes owning their penis, or is white should be disarmed and thrown to the salt mines.

Phil is not very smart and used to being around people whom are very low income people who can't afford the most basic of guns because racist laws passed by our goverment to disarm the poor (mostly minorites) so he thinks guns are these huge investments that only the upper crust of the revolutionaries have.

Nah, the avg gun owner is some boring ass middle class person male or female, old or young rich or poor, whom has an old shot gun or rifle for keeping the home safe, little fun blasting and putting something on the table maybe once a year.

Half the guns are owned by people deemed "super owners" (frankly I like that term) who have lots of guns. So lots of "normal" people have a lot of guns. People who blend in the world just like the above group.

Phil really doesn't grasp concepts like numbers and I'm not bucking a shot, he's legit not that smart. When you figure there's roughly one gun per person in the US, he has no idea there are 300+ million people here, he can't think past his own little group and the few boogy men he sees. I honestly think Phil is only aware of maybe 1k people unless he passes a TV set that has a sports event on. Phil feels when he holds a real gun, there's like 5 others laying around the world and he's now in the top 1% of powerful people ready to bum rush the white house. He's just that clueless.

Phil possibly was commiting a felony with his gun pictures, again I say possible, not trying to I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME. We don't know his nut house trip statues, but we know for a fact legally he can't own a gun or buy one, touch a grey area. Phil would hate the concept some lame ass accountant white guy who's apolitical as hell and just likes battlefield 4 goes into a store buys an AR because it looks like his vidya gun and shoots its 3 times a year because Phil is a bigot and wants people to go do his absurd revolt for him.

Shaka Brah

Hang ten, my dudes.
I'll bet Philth has become a member of one of those exceptional "collectives" that's trying to train niggers and fags with weapons. You know, the ones that have been protesting a school because one of their members was going to shoot it up but got killed by the cops.
FWIW, that whack-ass troon group was in Portland so it's actually pretty likely.
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