FIGGIN [2 Feb 19] New shooting video -

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Are we supposed to be impressed that he can fire into a hill of dirt without aiming and then slowly, laboriously reload?
I saw a whole lot of puffs of dirt, but I don't think I saw a single target hit. At barely 30 feet he couldn't hit shit.....and took like 30 seconds to reload a magazine fed pistol, not even a revolver ffs. This is your firearms instructor, Antifa!

Congratulations! You’re going to be the subject of a Facebook post in which you point a gun at Phil, only for him to swiftly shoot it out of your hand, followed by a pitched John Woo-style gun battle ending in the deaths of five elite Kiwi agents.
As any good mall ninja would imagine himself doing.

We all know Potato man is Isabelle Wick.

Cue Phil reeeeeeeeeing about being threatened with death while at the shooting range by a local Kiwi fash. He'll probably claim he's defending the place next. Mummy's boy loves playing soldiers.

I'd love to see his face if you did bump into him, and told him you were a member of the farms.

Enjoy being part of a wild west story, just like @Tragi-Chan described!
I would too. Though I guess my concern would be the amount of sperg that would occur might push him over the edge.

Truthfully what I want to see other people reactions to this rejectwalking around like a literal mall ninja.

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Phil is lucky he's only shooting a pussy-ass 9mm. He wouldn't be able to handle something with real recoil, like a .454 Casull or .475 Linebaugh. With a fucktarded "just shit myself" stance like that, if he did shoot something with harsh recoil, he'd either fall on his ass and break his tail bone, or he'd lose control of the weapon and break his bucked teeth or orbital socket when the gun busts him upside his piggy face.


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Haha, I love watching this fat little tard waddle like he shit his pants (which, to be fair, knowing Phil he probably did). Its funny how as soon as we make fun of Phil's new mystery Antifa buddy, he immediately takes him out shooting. Gives us a bit of a clue as to who it might be. Ah well, at least he stopped showing his face after we made fun of his derpy fetal alcohol syndrome eyes. Maybe he'll take a clue and stop posting dumb shit but I'm probably just being optimistic.


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Phil is so shit at aiming I'm pretty sure he's not even able to tell you're supposed to aim down the sight and then correct for any drift; not that we'd know because the stupid tard refuses to show his accuracy by actually shooting fucking targets rather than the dirt. Also holy shit, I never really use my pistol and I'm still at least twice to about three times as fast as you at reloading it than you are Spuds; you took 18 fucking seconds to put in a mag, that's utterly laughable. You are really proving how easily we'd kill you if we were just as full of rage and shortsighted as you.

Like, this penis waving you're basically doing shows just how impotent and sad you really are. Especually that tard waddle you think is a pose; that's the pose a person who shat themselves uses.

The Dude

Bro, don't even bro, bro.
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Phil is missing dinner plate sized targets at 10 yards. He's not quite the super soldier he thinks he his. A proper trigger squeeze goes a long way Phil.
Actually using the sights and aiming instead of jerking the trigger as fast as your greasy sausage fingers will allow go even further. It's really telling that we have members here who have never handled a firearm, yet they know more about marksmanship than Philthy Cheese Stank does. Some "firearms instructor" he is.

Seriously, all this gun talk makes me wish we had a dedicated thread in the Phil forum where members who own firearms could post photos to make Phil jealous. I know we have a gun thread in the General Discussion area, but I doubt Phil ever goes to parts of the forum that aren't about him, Chris, or one of the trannies he knows. It would be pretty hilarious to see how Phil would react to a thread like that. Either Phil would say we're threatening his life and trying to intimidate him, claim they aren't real weapons or we're just using someone else's photos, or he'd REEEEEE that it's unfair that we have guns when he doesn't.