FIGGIN [2 Jan 19] Phil Bounces and Squeaks for fear of missing Tugboat - Threatens civil war.


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So... for the first time in my history of collecting social security disability benefits, there is a government shutdown still in progress at the time of this tweet's posting. Should the government fail to pay it's obligations to it's disabled citizens. And if they fail to pay its disability benefits obligations to this disabled citizens' bank account at 3:20 AM on Thursday Morning, less than 9 hours from now (tomorrow) , let's just suffice to say that it will be time to grab the proverbial pitchforks and torches and declare all out social unrest against a government that wants to build a useless border wall on the so-called US-Mexico border. There are better things that $5.7 billion could go to than a racist apartheid wall Trump wants to build as his campaign promise.

But wait a minute. Wasn't Mexico going to pay for it?

I guess he wants 'taxpayers' to pay for the wall now.

Never ever ever again will I ever again tolerance any ableist shit give me shit over having social security disability benefits.

I will cite this shutdown.

I will cite this government shutdown each and every time someone tries to bring it up as some argumentum contra so-called "entitlement programs" to no end. So, tomorrow morning - 3:21 AM there may be riots if government doesn't pay up the disability benefits obligations to me. I already lose enough sleep every night before payday every single month since Trump became president thinking the government will suddenly fail to pay its obligations to it's disabled citizens. Tonight, with the government shutdown still in progress, I am holding my breath

I am holding my breath until the government actually pays the fuck up. And Kiwi Farms keeps on pontificating that I *mocking a bro voice that eats too many Doritos* "shouldn't revolt against the government that gives me a welfare check" What they and many others fail to realize that states and governments are not going to last forever. States collapse. Governments collapse.

So guess what. I will take the opportunity when it does possibly present itself at 3:20 AM tomorrow morning.

So tick tock MOTHAFUKKAS, pay up.​
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Fortunately the crisis was averted in the nick of time; President Trump negotiated with terrorists and America is safe from the wrath of the Corpulent Pestilence, at least until next month:

Hi there.

I am awake since I am obviously concerned that the government won't pay its disability benefits obligations to its disabled citizens.

The next six minutes will decide if a civil war in the US is about 18-24 months away or much sooner than that timeline.

I guess the threats of civil unrest worked.

All $800+ paid in full. February 1st and 3rd we play again.

If the government is still shutdown and doesn't pay up the SNAP benefits.​
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His tard enablers -- including that faggot that calls himself "Antifa Mayor" -- chime in:


:story: You have to be the tard among tards if even other tards want to distance themselves from you.

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It's adorable how he keeps swinging around the word "OBLIGATED" as if he's pretending the United States Government is his personal maid and doesn't have the power to slap his SSI out of his bank account at the slightest whim.
Just remember Phil, you commit a single felony, you're out of SSI for life. It's not an obligation, SSI is Good Boy Points.


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There are 800,000 people either coming to work unpaid or being furloughed because of our manbaby of a president (poised to actually sign a budget to keep the government open until Fox News and Ann Coulter told him he would be weak for it) decided to shut down the government over something amazingly stupid like a useless "wall." Think about those unpaid workers first, yeah? If you do research, Phil, you'll find out that you'll still get your tugboat. You get to waste your money on tacticool shit, they might not be able to make a mortgage payment.


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It’s like he’s Punching his mom or Maria all over again. Pretty much any time he doesn’t get his way, it’s time to lash out.

(Except if he punches anyone from the government it’s a felony that he will be prosecuted for and will lose his last source of income).
They'd also punch him back. Phil doesn't like to pick fights with people who can fight back.


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I am holding my breath until the government actually pays the fuck up. And Kiwi Farms keeps on pontificating that I *mocking a bro voice that eats too many Doritos* "shouldn't revolt against the government that gives me a welfare check" What they and many others fail to realize that states and governments are not going to last forever. States collapse. Governments collapse.
This. This shit. If the inside of his head was a clock it's just be a series of cogs that spin around randomly and sometimes glance against one another to keep everything barely functioning. First off the Doritos thing; adorable, really, coming from someone that eats wheels of cheese for meals.

It's been called out already but it's hard to ignore; Phil expects to be paid. We all know if he lived in his glorious communist state he'd been dragged behind a shed and put out of his misery years ago because he'd be seen as nothing more than a leech on society and a waste of space. So of course his fellows get scared that they might not get a months worth of fun money while the rest of the actual people suffering from this are getting fucked sideways if this drags on.

Phil has this so-called belief that the so-called government is on the verge of so-called collapse.

Fun fact, Phil; it's not. While you and your friends sit in a circlejerk and suck each others ego-dicks there's actually an entire country running way more effectively around you than you think. Sure it's not perfect in a number of ways but the potential to improve is there. Once again if this was Russia or China you wouldn't be getting housing, money, medical'd be given a metaphorical bucket of shit and expected to make it work.

Phil is a wimpy little fuckbitch too scared to do jackshit if he doesn't get what he wants. All he'll do is cry his beady little eyes out while a Proud Boy rapes his stinkditch and the greatest achievement he'll ever reach is finally getting evicted.

Eat a million dicks, Phil.


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Good to see Phil finally acknowledging the inherent problem for a sped reliant on tardbux in an anarchist situation. Admittedly, his response pretty much comes down to, “I don’t know, we’ll probably do whatever those other collapsed states do.” He has no idea. He seriously never made the link between the government that runs the country and the government that pays his tugboat. That is how dumb he is.

Here’s what happens in those situations, Phil. The tards starve. When society collapses, it’s every man for himself. Even able bodied people struggle. Hospitals don’t function. Stores lie empty. Power and water go out. Money becomes useless. The government (who provides your tardbux) has greater priorities than ensuring that some useless fat bumblefuck can afford cheese. If you can’t fend for yourself, you’d better have someone to take care of you, because Antifa’s special needs class won’t cut it.

Be careful when taking your revenge, Phil. Last time you tried to get revenge, you wound up getting your dick cut off. God only knows how you’d fuck up getting revenge on the government.


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Communists that are capitalist dependents will never not be hilarious.

Phil is probably lying to himself and calling it "stealing from the evil capitalist government".
But I wonder why so few of these proud communists dont even grow some vegetables in their house (which is possible of course), or put a tomato fruit somewhere outside.

Phil orders pizza and exploits poor mexican workers by buying some big-corporate produced latinx-cheese. Its just so lame.

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