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I got a JOB?!
That's the way it seems. Within a day, I am expecting a confirmation email to which I should accept in order to start work for Geek Squad as an Advanced Repair Agent. I will be working in Bowie, MD; so if you're in the area, you might want to say HI! Take note, I should be employed part-time, meaning I hope to not work a 40 hour week. While this would mean building up my funds won't be as fast (thus not earning my new computer as soon), it means my weekly schedule shouldn't be enslaved to revolve around my job. This is a liberating feeling. Plus, I am relieved of the burdens and woes that would come with field work!

Just give me a permanent lover as well as eternal glory from my awesomeness, and I swear I have it made. At that rate, I'd be set for life!

And then I see journals like this:
Hope dies last...... that's usually the motto I live with, but what if there is no room for hope anymore?
I never really have asked for much. I don't need fancy cars, expensive jewelry, awesome holidays or anything like that. I don't even ask for kids or a boyfriend/husband. All I want it to be able to pay my bills, be able to afford some hobbies and to stay at this place. But even that seems to be too much.
When everything you do just seems to be a failure and you feel like a burden for the people around you, it's hard to not just give up.
Right now I have an estimate of costs for a medical treatment laying next to me that is worth half a new car. There is a slight chance that my insurance will pay for it, but if not I have no idea what to do with that. Probably ignoring it all, not going to let it be done and just hoping (haha) for the best.
I am just tired of it all and maybe need to rethink everything in my life. Becoming a freelancer was never a dream, but a chance to get further. Maybe I and ever

This makes me really think, "Gee, I sure have it made! I'm all nice and comfy in my parents' house, where Dad has the bills covered and Mom has all the chores underhand." Welp, I have a robust list of good causes I want to support (one of them I already did!). However, I feel that I need to establish myself more solidly and help myself before I can help others too much.

AS for streaming, I have a good feeling my default schedule will grow disrupted in the future. As for this week, since it's all about setup and getting me acclimated with the confirmation and the needed drug tests, I won't be working this weekend. That means my former plans for this week will go unchanged (so see previous journal for details).

6PM Eastern Time on Friday, September 26 and 12:30PM Eastern Time on Saturday, September 27. Find me at twitch.tv/supergoldenknight

About my third book...Progress has been painfully slow, but I have done a significant amount of work on the cover. Now, I am trying to design my own title lettering from scratch! I figured if it's going to be iconic one day, I need an awesome and unique logo to stand out as my own, particularly should I one day achieve my own Wikipedia page! I don't mean any "insert-name.wiki" sponsored by bullying; I mean THE official Wikipedia!

Now then, I have streaming to prepare for as well as my comic book to R&D and a formal part-time job to standby for. So, I'm going to be busy! I hope you have as much fortune as this!

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insert-name.wiki is best website.


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I have a huge vendetta against geek squad and this is the main reason why. They hire little fucks that can't repair computers or know nothing about computers and mess everything up. I've made many of their employees (in store and at the repair center) cry because I was so pissed at their little "contract" they have you sign and they have no fucking clue as to what they're doing. With how busy geek squad is because of people not knowing better, he's going to get flustered. Or someone like me is going to roll up and tear him a new one because he wouldn't be able to fix the problem. I give him 3 weeks tops.

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Won't his resume look iffy as hell if he ends up quitting or getting fired after 2-4 weeks from this job? He'd have two similar jobs somewhat close to each other with a really short employment time. I mean, it wouldn't help that in a job interview GK would still be... GKish.


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I used to work with the Geek Squad. (I'm well aware of its reputation and can confirm that most of the people who worked there could barely pull up the task manager without any supervision. I just really needed the money.) 5% of the job was doing some actual work, 5% was getting chewed out by the computer-illiterate, and 90% of it was sitting on my ass while virus scans ran in the background. You really don't need to know anything about computers to work on the Geek Squad.

I give Jay two, three days tops before he starts bitching about it.


Shit, why tip-toe around it? Did he really just find somebody's unfortunate situation and use it to go, "Haha, wow, look how shitty this person's life is! My life's so great!"

What an ass.
That he did, and I reeeaally want to call him out on it, but alas I'm blocked from replying. >:c (Though that's probably a good thing, cause I'd tear him 5 new holes that he can cover up in shitty ass golden cardboard <sorry for the alog>)


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Shit, why tip-toe around it? Did he really just find somebody's unfortunate situation and use it to go, "Haha, wow, look how shitty this person's life is! My life's so great!"

What an ass.
He commented on that journal entry:
Notice that while everyone else is making encouraging comments, he just curses the trolls he's ignoring. *sigh*
Edit: And we apparently deserve the same fate as terrorists.


I'm 5 for 5 so far with him responding to me using this method. It works. I suppose one doesn't spend 6+ years working with Autistic children for special needs schools without learning something pertinent towards lolcows.
Indeed, you might have to share your secrets incase of future cases.
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