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(Note: This original post is from Marvin)

Ok, so, the background:

Back when Catie was ramping up, Anna was desperately trying to shut down Catie. However, Chris had already met Catie IRL at that point (if my memory is accurate). Catie was already tangible to Chris, so Anna was fighting a losing battle.

Anna's last ditch attempt to dislodge Catie was that she would appeal to Catie's humanity:

You really need to leave Christian alone. It's so painfully obvious to anyone on the outside that you have a fake profile specifically designed to troll him. Just about every paragraph holds a clue against you. The fake license was a pathetic effort, but one you knew would work well enough on someone naive. Too bad you used the wrong font, didn't match the background color, made your fake signature longer than the signature box would allow, and forgot to put the second signature over the picture.

I don't care what you're hoping to get out of this--whether you want to troll him to do something funny, or simply get him to trust you to ultimately help him. You are doing far more damage than you think. You're messing with an autistic man who simply won't see the truth because he wants the lie so badly. And that's sick. You're not just messing with him, though--you're messing with his mom, and you're messing with me.

Whatever your opinion of his mom is, it doesn't give you the right to break her heart either. She doesn't deserve to be given false hope that maybe her son HAS found a soul mate and WILL be taken care of after she's gone. Because that's her greatest fear, and you're playing on it like a predator.

So just stop. I know you're probably pretending to be upset with him right now so that you'll get him desperate enough to do whatever you tell him. It's obscene. Let it go, walk away. Delete the fake accounts, and never do anything like this again.
(I just want to point out: Anna doesn't know Barb. Like, at all. She's pulling the "his poor mother :'(" guilt trip out of her ass.)

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