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Nov 14, 2012
From Jamal <mailbot@kiwifarms.net>
To Null <null@kiwifarms.net>
2015-05-06 7:40 am

The following message has been sent from Jamal <jamalf198@gmail.com> via the contact form at Kiwi Farms.

The forum writers, committed slander towards me by claiming these explicit statements and insults towards me and my animation work:

"Imagine, if you will, a rage addicted, internet tough guy version of Chris-chan minus the autism and obesity but not the low I.Q. level. Now imagine that instead of making shitty comic books, our figurative Chris-chan caricature made shitty Flash movies instead."

"The Flash movie was rife with flaws, "

"The music is horrendously mixed"

"That's right, we decompiled the SWF, took a look inside and wouldn't you know it, we found a cache full of the still shots from Sonic X that he traced directly. Yes ladies and gentlemen, he really is that rock fucking stupid."

"This story is fucking dumb. "

"By the way, he did not own up to his promise to Megamanxn95 to send him links when he reuploaded his garbage."

"The only changes he's made in the two years he's had it down for are to the end credits [he does not credit the actually artists of his production] and that he's renamed "Flame the Hedgehog" to "Akuma the Hedehog" [Misspelling of "Hedgehog" intentional, clearly.] because Street Fighter. Five years of hard work or lying out his ass to sound impressive? In fact, that's actually to his detriment because spending half a decade on that is nothing to boast about. What a faggot."

"He is literally the most incompetent & egotistical animator I've ever seen."

"So he's like a racist Andrew Dobson with even less talent. Gotcha. Even that dipshit can do better than this guy can."

"It really is obvious how often this asshole traces too. I think they make up over 80% of his flashes,"

"This guy is hopeless. The icing on the cake is whether he went to some art college and still draws like this."

"Literally today, when he reuploaded his shitty Flash movie"

"So he's been on Newgrounds for over 3 years and has been learning to animate with Flash for over 5 years and still hasn't learned a damn thing about either except how to bullshit both really badly."

"Wow. Shitty art work and impotent rage. I think we struck lolcow gold here."

It has my picture at the very begining of the webpage wearing a black sweater, and when you scroll down, you will see a picture of me at the ocean. I did not give them permission to post any of my pictures, which is invasion of privacy.

It has my flash animation posted without my consent and the working (swf) flash file posted for people to see and download, which I did not give authority to do so. This violates intellectual property.


Canadian Law states that "While the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms1 guarantees the right of freedom of expression, this right has always been of a limited nature. One of those limitations can be found in Ontario legislation through the Libel and Slander Act (the "Act")2, which prohibits the dissemination of defamatory comments, specifically, spoken or written words that discredit an individual in the estimation of right-thinking members of society generally."
Ontario law of Canada <http://www.carters.ca/pub/bulletin/charity/2007/chylb125.htm>

According to Canadian and Ontario law,
Defamation is not tolerated by the Libel and Slander Act, which is a powerful legislative tool to protect the victims of unscrupulous statements made by individuals that can injure or discredit that person or organization's reputation.

Slander is the second subcategory of defamation, and encompasses the broadcasting of spoken defamatory words. At common law, oral statements relating to the following four categories of slanderous words are automatically considered to have proven that a loss has been sustained:

a) statements that discredit the plaintiff in relation to his or her work (business, profession, etc.) -->Applies to me and my animation work

3. Proving a Claim in Libel and/or Slander

In order to initiate a claim of libel or slander in an action for defamation, the allegations must prove the following:
iii) Finally, the statement made must be considered defamatory, i.e. the statement must be false and disparages the reputation of the individual, corporation or organization.


The writers of this forum have
1) Committed slander & defamation
By saying that I am "faggot, dipshit, rock fucking stupid, incompetent, racist, hopeless, asshole, low IQ"
Claiming defamatory comments that that discredit my Flash animations by saying that it is "shitty, rife with flaws, horrendous, garbage, shitty artwork, "This story is fucking dumb. "

2) Invaded my privacy
-By using my picture without my permission and posting it online on a website without my consent

3) Violated Intellectual Property
Downloading my Flash animation that I created myself (.SWF) file and decompiling it (.FLA), and reuploading it without my permission. . Although I do not claim ownership over the characters portrayed in the animations, since they belong to Sega, Flame the hedgehog (my made-up character) and everything else (roads, plants,trees,buildings, etc) belongs to me and was drawn entirely by me in Adobe Flash.
The following links on the page link to my videos that were not uploaded by me
Shadow the Edgehog
Sonic the Sperghog
Shitty logo intro

4) Claimed false statements towards me
By saying that I am gay, and that I follow women into public bathrooms
"Whether or not he follows random women into public bathrooms and advertises himself as a potential boyfriend in restaurants is currently up for interpretation."

Claiming that I am racist
"he hates white people."

Claiming that I have a low IQ and my animation artwork is horrendous and flawed
"faggot, dipshit, rock fucking stupid, incompetent, racist, hopeless, asshole, low IQ"
Flash animations and my work is "shitty, rife with flaws, horrendous, garbage, shitty artwork, "

None of these claims are true.
I am not gay, I am not racist, my artwork is not "shitty", many people appreciate it, I do not follow women into public bathrooms, nor am I a boyfriend. I do not have a low IQ and I am not stupid. These are all insults and are considered slander as well.


Since the writers of forum have committed slander, invaded my privacy, violated my intellectual property, and claimed false statements towards me and have violated Canadian law, I want that entire forum deleted.
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