Interests 2015-Jan-19 Kengle Trolls Chris With Blue Arms Purchase -

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Chris being the genius that he is commented about another photo on the coin photo
Of course, he had to switch to another photo so the sensory overload doesn't distract him from putting Ken Kong in his place.

Seriously, "How Dare You?!!!" just cracks me up. Chris is the guy who owns the games and some merchandise he says he boycotts and KenKong can't even own a fricking comic book? Who am I kidding, "boycott" is Chris talk for "You are not allowed to enjoy it, but I can rationalize why owning it is still ok for me. No such luck for you, though."


Do you like Christian and the Hedgehog Boys?
All of Chris's Facebook friends are trolls, right? I can only imagine his feed is full of crap like this out to egg him on.
Most of the people in the Sonic Facebook groups are I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME, hence the incredibly weenish post from Gordon Taylor. All of Chris' actual FB friends appear to be either genuine or deep cover. And Kengle is genuine, which is just...sad.

Incidentally, the funniest part about this to me is that Chris commented on a completely different post. I hope every post Kengle makes for the next month has Chris in the comments going "How dare you!‽‽?"

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I was going to suggest Chris gets revenge by making slanderous mockeries of Kengel's creations, but...where would you start?
Chris could just make a crude drawing of a gory execution. We get to laugh at a pathetic retort, a-loggers can say this is evidence for CWC's Hitlertude, and Chris lets off steam.
Everyone wins! Except Ken...
Everyone who matters wins!
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