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From @Lucrid :

There was a drag show tonight at Impulse and I just happened to see Chris there. I've been living in Charlottesville now for a few years and this is the first time I ever saw him in person, so it was pretty unexpected, even though I've heard that Chris has attended events at this particular bar before. I didn't take any pictures or video recordings, though, so you'll just have to take my word.

I arrived at the place with some friends at around 10:15, so it was about fifteen minutes before the start of the show. They had these long rectangular ottoman-like stools that people could sit together on as they watched the show. Chris was seated on one, and he wasn't talking to anyone, just sitting and looking at what I think was his phone. He was wearing a sleeveless blue dress with white flowers (it looked like something from Goodwill) over a dark navy blue T-shirt, sneakers, and normal glasses (he wasn't wearing the MLP kids' classes from the Gamestop incident video). His hair was the mess that it usually is. The lighting was pretty dim but it also looked like he was wearing bluish-purplish eyeshadow. So basically it was just the standard Tomgirl look.

Chris hardly talked to anyone, though he seemed to be really enjoying the show -- he tipped all of the performers (it is customary to tip the performers that you like, so it is not that unusual, though Chris showed his appreciation for every single performer). I think there were at least ten performances in total, with an intermission in the middle somewhere. He stayed for the whole show, which means that he didn't get back to Ruckersville until well after midnight.

Anyway, on the other end of the stool that Chris was sitting on, there were two (biological) girls. I have no idea if they are Christorians or just random girls, but I noticed Chris was trying to sit closer to them, and it looked like he was trying to listen in on their conversation without taking part in it. It was a little weird, but then I turned around later and he was talking to them. When he left, though, he wasn't with anyone else.

After the drag show itself ended, people typically stick around and socialize. There was still music playing, and Chris kind of did a swaying-dance thing where he was standing (it wasn't on the dance was a quiet night so people weren't dancing there), and his eyes were half-shut (oddly enough the expression he made reminded me of how he looked in the "For J-R's Eyes Only" video).

Again, sorry about not having any real proof. Though there isn't really much to say -- he went to a gay bar and acted relatively normal and didn't have any outbursts. I don't think people paid him much attention, either. But since no shit is too minor, I figure I'd share it with you all.