Lawsuit 2017-06-22 - Scott v. Moon -

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Some people are really fucking stupid.

You may remember Andrew Carlson, or @tamarlover, a weird guy from the hills of Virginia who was obsessed with a childhood love interest named Tamar--now legally Melinda Scott, on her 9th husband at the age of 29. Despite having had a restraining order against him by the time that Andrew was posting on the forum, he outlined in detail intricate plans to continue contacting her the moment the order is up, as well as a 40-year plan to continue trying to make her love him.

Andrew isn't the biggest loser of this story.

I was discussing with a few people if we should contact this Melinda Scott person and warn her that Andrew was surely violating his restraining order with evidence that could lead to a permanent injunction. Most people don't know, but a restraining order is temporary. An injunction is basically the last warning a court gives before putting someone in jail.

But before I could do that, she emailed me.

She threatened to try and sue for $150,000 for co-conspiracy to cyberstalking and sure enough she followed through.

3d3ZDgx (2).png

A blank docket. No compensation sought, no crime listed, no service attempts made, no attorneys listed, nothing. It's a blank piece of paper with a case number and my name and old address scribbled on it. I only found out about this on the 22nd, and I'd not have found out about it at all, except that Andrew was looking up his own lawsuit from Melinda and found another one next to it, and decided to forward that information to me.

Contacting the clerk of courts today would reveal that the case was dropped. My suspicion is that the first continuance was the judge telling the plaintiff that she had to figure out what the fuck she was doing before it could continue and the second date was her presenting a case that made no more sense.

Motion for Judgement, the case status as of the 22nd, is short for Motion for Summary Judgement. This motion is one party suggesting the case needs no trial or review as the case is self-evident. Almost always this is done by the defense against a bullshit claim. The problem is that I wasn't there, and I had no representation to file a motion for me. My assumption is that the court itself motioned in my defense and as a result Melinda dropped the case.

So congratulations, Melinda Scott, you lost a case against someone who wasn't there and who didn't even know you were suing him.

Andrew is also being sued for "damages done". He created a video archive of things she had made on YouTube because he's a creepy weirdo, and she is insisting that this archive caused her $40,000 of damages against her company that has never made any money.

I doubt she even cares about the stalking shit and is just trying to get money at this point. Andrew made a threat in that thread that if he went to court over violating his restraining order, he would subpoena me for testimony. Testimony that would hurt his case, but he was petty enough to think forcing me to come to Virginia would be a win. Well, now I'm kind-of hoping he would do that, because I think Andrew is a good boy who dindu nuffin.


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This is the best fucking thing I've ever read on this board in the years I've been here and I am happy/proud/some mix of the two to be a witness of Kiwi History.

Totally picturing that part of My Cousin Vinny. "Excuse me... what's a yute?"

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I can't imagine that whole debacle somehow managed to get an even sadder pay-off.
A shame we'll never know what happened in that court, but it must have been a sight for sore eyes, seeing how she managed to essentially lose a boxing match against her own shadow.

Null can get the court records if he wants.

And I don't mean just from: where this was pulled.
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