Lawsuit 2017-06-22 - Scott v. Moon -

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Most clerks would turn you away if you don't have some bare minimum level of paperwork. They're not allowed to give legal advice or coach someone. Typically they'll just be hard nosed about it and tell people that they don't have what they need to file.
If they need to refer to it, it still needs a number of some sort. Otherwise they can't index it.

Apparently she filed something that warranted a number.


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Wait so Tamar is an honest-to-god women?

I thought we decided she was a gay Indian man who catfished a nutjob and regretted it
I think the most important question though is this...

Is she hot?

Rate ma shit autistiiiiiiiiiiiic

But for for real I wanna know someone that crazy who wakes up in the morning and is all like, " hey it's cloudy out today... You know what I think imma sue that guy from xyz"... Then goes the whole 9 yards to sue.

Then the 9 husbands thing... Again I must ask is she an absolute 10/10 or something? I'd fucking lol if it was some ugly fat bitch.
She looks alright.
She's kind of hot for a woman with three or four kids. Shame they're all from different daddies.
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