2017-09-06 - Imgur.com: bann has happen again -

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russian and sino-chingchong territories have their own free image hosts, which are all fundamentally just Imgur with fewer white people. for example, imgsrc.ru is frequently used by russian gamers to host screenshots of EOBANII SUKA BLYAT.

i would say this would be an opportunity to do something just as pointlessly petty in retaliation, but i don't know of any Imgur competitors that we could start using out of spite. there's shit like Voat's imgur clone, i think it's called Veuwer, but i don't have much faith in little ventures like that lasting very long.

when did this blocking begin, and what do you think it's in retaliation for?


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Can anyone suggest an image host that will work on the forums? I've actually had trouble getting imgur and others to work for many weeks now, always gives me a broken link/image icon. I use the forums upload but sometimes its nice to have the image preview load in the thread automatically.

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Is this thing working right?
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So all I have to do is copy and paste it in my browser instead of just directly clicking it? Oh no, what a humiliating defeat! My fickle instantaneous stimulation addicted Millennial brain cannot operate with such a simple work around! However will I get on with life? How will I function? I am utterly defeated at this first inconvenience, for I have never had to do anything with the slightest amount of effort on my part in my entire life! I am but slain!
@Null, have the forum software redirect imgur request links through a different domain, or a "domain proxy" so to speak.
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