2017-10-11 - Allen John Jones III: "doxxing will be illegal shortly" -

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He somehow posted directly under a bunch of bold faced things telling him not to do certain things, and then did every single one of them in his first page.
Damn, ninja'd. I was gonna say that.
I'll add this then: you gotta be a special kind of exceptional individual to do everything you are NOT supposed to do on the first fucking page of the thread. (and starting from the 3rd post of the thread no less)
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It's his own damn fault for using the same username on basically everything.

Like, when you make an account on here, it straight up tells you not to do that.
Well, technically, I ignored that rule, but it was because I intended to post here under my own pseudonym that I use elsewhere to make a point to cunts like Samuel Collingwood Smith, and besides, I've taken the precautions of making my dox nigh impossible to get to, so knowing my username isn't gonna help discover who is behind this username.

As for the idiot not taking that precaution and still making an account here then getting his stupid ass exposed, that's all on him and he can shove his impotent threats and whining up his ass, he knew what he was getting into when he got here, too late to cry foul now.

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I love these faggots who say that doxxing is illegal when they themselves have posted this shit elsewhere. The only difference is, we collate it into one glorious whole.

If you put your name and address out there on the net then you are responsible for any doxxing that takes place. If the way we find somebody is by simply Googling your name and username then you've got nobody to blame but the person that put that information out in the first place. And typically it's the same person.

It's not illegal to find this information on the internet and just put it together.
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