2017-11-17 - Skylar Ittner: "Copyright notice" -

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tl;dr: trying to claim copyright on screenshots of written text (lol), trying to file dmca without legal return servicing address (lol), using Disposition-Notification-To to try and get a notification when i open the email to prove servicing (lol), threatening legal action over content worth nothing (lmfao).

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To: Null <null@kiwifarms.net>
From: Skylar Ittner <admin@netsyms.com>
Subject: Copyright notice
Disposition-Notification-To: Skylar Ittner <admin@netsyms.com>
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2017 18:27:03 -0700


It came to my attention that several Farms users have been stalking my
Reddit history and uploading screenshots of my comments directly to Kiwi
Farms. I want to make it clear that I do not give the Farms (or any of
its users) permission to host my Reddit comments (or any other content I
do not post to the Farms myself). Please remove this content from your
servers ASAP.



Thank you,
Skylar Ittner


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My favorite part is the filenames. "skygay4.png"
...you can’t copyright screenshots other people took. You can’t. How would one even think they could? How do you reach that conclusion? What is the logic behind this?
He has a copyright on the contents of the screencap. We're essentially just reproducing his posts, which he does have copyright on.

Although our screencapping trivially qualifies as fair use, so it's a moot point.


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Are these people too exceptional to know how to ddos a fucking XenForo forum? Do something that will be at least mildly annoying.
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