2017-12-01 - Floyd Davis Budge: [autistic screeching] -

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So, actual question, why does he want us to make videos of ourselves? Is that supposed to solve anything? Does he even request a specific kind of video or do we just stare at a camera for thirty seconds?
I assume it's an autistic way of asking us to say our statements in person instead of hiding behind a screen name, as though it would make any difference. Alternatively he could be trying to obtain our dox in the dumbest way imaginable.

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yeah... oh, no shame, no shame in these farts
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From: Darkpaw Folfy <darkpawthewolf3@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2017 04:56:55 -0500
Subject: Ride
To: legal@kiwifarms.net

I know this is most likly pointless but i want my thing down plus im pretty
sure you need permssion also there mentioning my family which rember what
happen when u messed with somone with austuism plus that pic of my fursona
is not allowed up unless i give permision or if the one that created it
said you guys can i am getting cops involve and a cyber group to track
there ip as well so it ether goes for good or those people are gona be
involve and you guys are pathitic for not showing to a court case that
goward joshua coner moon cause i read your thing and i know that the person
i can try and sue or charge or whatever i can try and i will on that to do
with THIS blog and you guys are the bigest hyprocates everyone has fetishes
some of wroser fetish then you think and u or anyone cant say u have no
fetishes i took screen shots each time something shows up so i have more
prove to show later on to the cops so ether man up and do vidoe with all of
yous showing your face or take my thing down yes i have disabilty a
learning disabilty and yes i have angry probly but im not a pedo and i
acctully do other stuff and have money so there the three option and you
probly are gona be a pussy n not the vidoe im unsure about the other option
but thats all bye

After reading this, I can die happy.

I have no regrets anymore.

The autism presented here is so lethal that it actually somehow wrapped around to being healthy for the mind.

I am at peace because of autism.

And all I say to this?

Not open for further replies.

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