2017-12-01 - Floyd Davis Budge: [autistic screeching] -

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JonTron did nothing Wrong
From: Darkpaw Folfy <darkpawthewolf3@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2017 04:56:55 -0500
Subject: Ride
To: legal@kiwifarms.net

I know this is most likly pointless but i want my thing down plus im pretty
sure you need permssion also there mentioning my family which rember what
happen when u messed with somone with austuism plus that pic of my fursona
is not allowed up unless i give permision or if the one that created it
said you guys can i am getting cops involve and a cyber group to track
there ip as well so it ether goes for good or those people are gona be
involve and you guys are pathitic for not showing to a court case that
goward joshua coner moon cause i read your thing and i know that the person
i can try and sue or charge or whatever i can try and i will on that to do
with THIS blog and you guys are the bigest hyprocates everyone has fetishes
some of wroser fetish then you think and u or anyone cant say u have no
fetishes i took screen shots each time something shows up so i have more
prove to show later on to the cops so ether man up and do vidoe with all of
yous showing your face or take my thing down yes i have disabilty a
learning disabilty and yes i have angry probly but im not a pedo and i
acctully do other stuff and have money so there the three option and you
probly are gona be a pussy n not the vidoe im unsure about the other option
but thats all bye

I ah...Hmm...my auto correct I have on the tab is underlining half of the words so /that's/ good.
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Optimus Prime

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Last time we messed with an austistuic person I'm pretty sure he just shat his pants and did nothing. What are we supposed to be afraid of exactly ?
I think he's talking about how Vordak forced the site to go down for three weeks.

Even though Ironically, Vordak is one of the few people we follow who doesn't have Autism. He has terminal head-shoved-up-his-ass-ism.

listen up i got the latest update from floyd
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...oh wait shit, does this mean Floyd is the Zodiac Killer?

Pony Horn

"Officers! A forum has made a thread with screenshots of all of the murder and suicide threats I've posted on FB and now they're laughing at me! Look!"

Who the hell would be stupid enough to do that?
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Whenever these threads arrive I wonder, before I open them, how successful the author was at even getting close to a properly formatted legal document (i.e. DMCA).

"From: Darkpaw Folfy"

Let me stop you there...
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