2017-12-14 - Scott v. Moon Mk III -

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yahoowa be praised, we have triumphed over the tides of darkness yet again without doing anything.View attachment 334965

View attachment 334964
You will lose your lawsuit
  • Scott v. Lolcow LLC (2017) Melinda Leigh Scott attempts to sue my company after her stalker used the Kiwi Farms to talk about her in a thread that was about only himself. The case is dismissed without trial.
  • Scott v. Wise County Commonwealths (2017) Unsatisfied with the court's prior judgement, she then sued the fucking county itself (naming my company a codefendant) in an attempt to force them to arraign me with formal criminal charge. The district court throws out the complaint in the same day that it arrives to the clerk. Who says Government isn't efficient?


dumbasses cant even ignore a gossip website like this and must try whatever they can to save face :story:

i cant wait till someone gives violent threats or actually do it just to get their thread removed (not that i suggest/promote doing but it would definitely be lulzy)
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