2017-12-14 - Scott v. Moon Mk III -

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You'd think someone who "owns her own business" and filled a case for a stalker
It's piss easy to get a business license. Some forms and an hour at the county building, voila! You have a registered business in your state complete with a Tax ID number. You don't even have to have anything other than a name and a stated description for the business and some ID. I know meth heads who've been in and out of prison that have accomplished this.

And I bet going to the police station or courthouse as a girl claiming they have a stalker gets at least one fat linda there to hold her hand through the process out of sympathy. At least enough to fill out the forms properly.

Trying to sue a gossip website because they said mean things about you is fringe territory.

Congratulations on winning by doing nothing @Null


do you see what happens
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Are her lawsuits all being thrown out bc she just vomits word salad onto a form instead of hiring a real lawyer?
They have to be breathtakingly bad and literally unintelligible gibberish to end up immediately thrown out like this.
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Looks like third time isn't a charm. It must suck to have some crazy stalker rummaging through your garbage and making dolls out of your hair but I'm thinking shes cray herself and I have lost all sympathy for her.
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