2017-Apr-11 - Chris exclusive interview -

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holy cow

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Hey guys i found this, the channel uploaded it just few minutes ago, i don't know if you are already aware of this video, just want to let you know.

youtube url: hOsOwKjlARI

The same channel uploaded a video last year briefly featuring Chris during a gay pride event, in the comments he said that he had a full interview, i kept an eye on him and today posted this


I signed just for this, i've never been so fast my whole life.....i might reconsider my life choices....
OP, where are your parents?
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Tootsie Bear

It's weird seeing him in HD. Used to a shitty camera.
Autism... Now in HD!

He seems surprisingly confident honestly
I don't know if I would describe it like that but I know where you're coming from. Chris is best when he can just be himself, and despite the embarrassing details he mentioned like how he shoved the medallion up his rectum, he at least did an interview with a reporter.
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