Rejected! 2018-01-20 - Bryan Dunn: " Official Ban Appeal" - im not even reading this shit

what do

  • unban

    Votes: 107 41.3%
  • stay ban

    Votes: 152 58.7%

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He was banned a few months ago. I think it says something I didn't notice that he was unbanned.
It was a brief temp ban for doing things he was asked repeatedly not to do while being intentionally abrasive

Sperged about the bitcoin miner when it was first implemented and proceeded to go into an insane fit of rage.
I think he threatened to go to the cops over the miner iirc
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El Porko Fako

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I think the ban should be upheld. He's has done this several times in the past year. He fucks up either by saying or doing something incredibly dumb, he offers up a shallow apology, then goes right back to being an idiot all over again. People have tried (myself included) giving him advice how to behave on the Farms and what he should do going forward after he deleted his Youtube and social media accounts, but he just doesn't read and/or listen.

If were going to ban someone like @Ntwadumela for constantly ignoring the advice of mods and other users and relapse on bad behavior, why the fuck should Pol get another chance for doing the same thing? Besides, he already has a tard wrangler. He claims that he talks with Mister Metokur on a near constant basis, and he's told us that Jim gives him the same advice about calming down, and he doesn't listen to him either, and he's suppose to be his super close special friend. If he isn't going to listen to his friend, why would he listen Sneasal?

Cut the bad fruit off of the tree and be done with. I think he'd be better off not inserting himself into drama anyway.
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bryan dunn

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