Rejected! 2018-01-20 - Bryan Dunn: " Official Ban Appeal" - im not even reading this shit

what do

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i was only pretending to be autistic
i only see the guy in random threads making half-decent comments, and i dont even know his backstory much beyond "he hates dsp" but he was a aloggy and VERY autistic asshole during the prostitute brownie thread plus, i fell like he's done this before.

anyone who gets rated autistic that many time in a single thread and does it again is truly just a dumb person missing the low bar set for every user, and if he missed it that much and didn't learn from it then i think we shouldn't let them back in.

unless he's more funny to laugh at then i realize, which in that case we should let him come here and make a fool of himself for our entertainment.


i was only pretending to be autistic
Keep him banned because anyone who goes to movie night is too autistic for the farms
i went there one and saw some movie about aids vampires but discord was just teenage boys and text chat was probably also teenage boys who were smart enough not to use there voice, and i tend to avoid places with too many teenage boys for...reasons.


i was only pretending to be autistic
I remember @champthom saying spergatory was originally a place to house spastics like woody, JCrowley, and the like I think a forum like that would be a good place to contain kop
I've heard of the spergatory but never went in it, just seemed a little too exceptional even for me.

edit: how is this the one i get powerleveled for but not the one where i make a joke about me being unable to be near teenage boys, lol
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I have a Letter of Ban Appeal ready just in case the day comes. I will also dox @Y2K Baby and @chekovia on my way out, just a heads up :deviant:

Hello Null,

You asked me to write a one time Ban Appeal and at the time, I took the wrong approach and decided to try to talk to you on discord rather then officially and coherently
taking my time to respond to you through the proper channels. I would like to rectify that and properly appeal to your authority on why I deserve a second chance on Kiwifarms as a whole.

First, an Apology and Promise to you officially.
I apologize for my behavior towards you and not taking your very real and very serious statements on my posting history to heart. That is my fault, at times I believe kiwifarms is a place of shitposting non-serious fun and I should not assume ever that you are joking with me or acting funny towards me when you make statements on my behaviors that bother you and staff on this forum. This is your baby, your domain, your House if you will and I should do better to respect you and your grievances with anything that I am doing while in your house. That being said, I promise you that if you are willing to give me a chance that I will be more thoughtful on my postings and read through everything before responding. That I will not attempt any disrespectful or even joking remarks at you or any other staff ever. It is not my intention to slight you or this site or anyone who helps contribute to its well-being. For that I am sorry.

This being said, I love kiwifarms. I enjoy involving myself within this community as much as it has let me. It helped me understand that I shouldn't take the internet so seriously and to this day I am still learning. I enjoy reading through various threads, engaging with others, adding my own threads and content when I can, and talking about daily happenings, video games and more here. Regardless of myself being an observation as well. I have been greatly humbled by the majority of others here that I didn't think id ever have. If it wasn't for Kiwifarms I would not have enjoyed movie nights with new found friends like Cricket, Dynastia, Flossman, DawnDusk, Valiant, Randall Fraggs, Neger Psyklog and more. Kiwifarms became my new home to engage in things I enjoy to do online which is too shitpost and have fun talking about interesting crazy stuff and people on the internet. It may be silly or lame but its fun to me online and that's enough for me.

When it comes to you Null, many times I have crossed your boundaries without even realizing it. I am not a malicious person at heart nor do I try to be, I have a tendency to be very friendly and forthcoming and try to make friends whenever I can Online. In 2010-2012 I ran multiple ARMA 2 and Garrys mod communiy with people I met online and ended up bonding with for years to come, this idea of friendships over the internet and simple interactions has alwayys been my viewpoint until 3 months ago. With you i've attempted this not understanding how you viewed things and I still don't but it is clear I have cross the line with you on occasions without meaning too. For that I am sorry. When you talked to me about your stories and stresses I felt like I related to you in some sense as I have dealt with people in some regards as you have whether or not I brought it upon myself or did not. Again, when it comes to your Boundaries I am sorry if I have ever crossed them in a way you did not like.

Finally, tonight is lolcowtv. While I accepted the ban as your rule and was not going to appeal what you wanted I was humbled that I could still enjoy friday night with everyone and relax the week off. Sadly, you deemed me to also be banned from the Discord as well. I understand thee reasons why but it was what led me to try to appeal his ban.

Either way, thank you for hearing me out and hopefully you respond shortly. II will accept whatever answer you give me.
Don't forget you're here forever....

Also, I don't mind KOP but then again I wasn't spending that much time in the DSP sub-forum where he tended to dwell. I want to see if he learns his lesson. I want to see if he can get baited into spergery or if he can control himself. Might be an interesting experiment.
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Speaking of, I've only ever noticed him in movie night since like the the 5th of this month (we watched Meet the Feebles, you don't really forget that day...), maybe he's been around a bit longer, since I usually get drunk and pass tf out half way through I couldn't say for certain tho. I'm like 99% sure he just came out of no where since people were trying to grill him for some info after he threw metokurs name out. Then I was gone the next friday and he posted on my profile telling me that Null asked where I was. Then yesterday he showed up in movie night but left two seconds before Null came in.

Idk, seems a bit try hard but not awful, he wasn't really there long enough for any of us to really get a feel on him anymore than that imo. I don't even really know how long it takes to say you're "friends" with other movie nighters, since it's a weird once a week thing. Regardless, I don't think he was around it long enough to really get to know us or for us to get to know him.
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