Rejected! 2018-01-20 - Bryan Dunn: " Official Ban Appeal" - im not even reading this shit

what do

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    Votes: 107 41.3%
  • stay ban

    Votes: 152 58.7%

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Philosophy Zombie

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drag queen on her period
I had painful balls one day and I thought it was blue balls so I rubbed one out. My load was almost entirely composed of blood, so I sought medical attention immediately. Luckily I didn't have cancer or anything, but I did have a bacterial infection that inhabited both my epididymis and my prostate. One round of Doxycycline and Amoxicillin cleared it all up, and I'm back to shooting milky white again.


Evil from Concentrate
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Philosophy Zombie

Mekotur's little spoon
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I cant help that autists don't have a sense of humor and ran to chat to screech about a video title that wasn't even played to the people present. :(
Well you can't, but it doesn't help that you got all blubbery and apologetic for something that really wasn't a big deal because BIMB was being a baby.
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bryan dunn

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