[2018-02-09 - ???] Minecraft Rants - What Phil does when he's not reading Papavera's guides


Another 30 minute or rant tonight about "LOLCOWS" because someone asked him his thoughts on Wings getting engaged. Instead of not being an anti-social dipshit and saying "Good for him", Phil decided to fill his diaper while talking about immaturity ("SUCK A TURD OUT MY ASS ACK ACK ACK") and calling people who have presumably not filed for bankruptcy while making 6 figures of income losers.
Wings getting engaged? Wtf.
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For insurance, so he says. Apparently he has great car insurance and she has great health insurance, so getting "married" is mutually beneficial.
At least he's honest about the marriage being for convenience... unlike SOMEONE gouty.


At least he's honest about the marriage being for convenience... unlike SOMEONE gouty.
You know what really annoys me? Phil has gout and Wings doesn't. Doesnt make great sense in my mind.

I mean yeah Richard probably had a fat and snack heavy diet vs Dave's meat heavy diet, but the bad diets and weight gain hasn't given either diabeetus as well!


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You know what really annoys me? Phil has gout and Wings doesn't. Doesnt make great sense in my mind.

I mean yeah Richard probably had a fat and snack heavy diet vs Dave's meat heavy diet, but the bad diets and weight gain hasn't given either diabeetus as well!
Phil may have gout, but at least he's never had a staph infection on his belly-welly.
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You know what really annoys me? Phil has gout and Wings doesn't. Doesnt make great sense in my mind.

I mean yeah Richard probably had a fat and snack heavy diet vs Dave's meat heavy diet, but the bad diets and weight gain hasn't given either diabeetus as well!
Wings is like Amberlynn with the delusional "My doctor says I'm in perfect health for weighing 500 lbs", so who knows about his health problems.


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I was concerned this sub-forum wasn't autistic enough recently, so I went ahead and recreated Phil's current Minecraft world entirely from scratch with near block-perfect accuracy. To do this, I generated his world from the seed number in Bedrock edition 1.7.1, and followed along from the beginning of the playthrough cloning everything done. The game was closed and relaunched each stream an update was applied.

DSP-Minecraft-family-photo.png pothole-point.png
How accurate is the replication?
Completely accurate to the best of my knowledge. I did not skip over anything, even the most minor aspects are cloned. With a few exceptions: Creeper and Ghast explosions are not perfect, because oftentimes you don't get a good enough look at the destruction; tree sapling generation is RNG, so many planted trees are not 100% identical; the contents of most chests are empty because that changes with each stream. Everything else, down to the tufts of grass are exactly as they appear on stream. I would say it's 99.8+% identical.​

This must have taken months of work since Phil often brags about how long the playthrough has gone on for?
lol, no. A few hours a night from Feb 3rd to Feb 28th. Mostly with the playthrough on mute listening to music. I had not played Minecraft until about a month ago, it was easy to pick up. The replication was done on Android x86 emulated on Linux Mint 19 using software called the Minecraft Bedrock Launcher. The "chill streams" playthrough currently runs at 139 hours total duration, and Minecraft stands as his third most streamed game on Twitch. In a few months, it will become his most streamed game.​

Is Phil's current Minecraft world available for download?
You can download the world folder for Bedrock here. You can download a converted world folder for Java here. It is recommended you use the Bedrock edition if you can, because the Java conversion has some bugs. Some of the bugs you can expect to find with the Java conversion are: transition blocks looking incorrect, Nether portal having a parallel appearance, and very screwy world generation once you exit the regions already explored. It might be worthwhile checking the About section on YouTube's DSP Minecraft Mirror for a more recent version, or convert from Bedrock yourself if there is a newer version of MCC Toolchest available. Use the seed 1766772198 on Bedrock edition 1.7.1 to generate a fresh world.​
Where do I place the download?
Unzip the file, and place inside your Minecraft saves folder.
Windows (Bedrock): %LocalAppData%\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang\minecraftWorlds
Windows (Java): %appdata%\.minecraft\saves\
GNU/Linux (Java): ~/.minecraft/saves/
Mac (Java): ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves/
Android (Bedrock): /storage/emulated/0/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds

Are DSP's other Minecraft worlds available for download?
No. He never uploaded his old Minecraft world folder from 2015 nor did he show the seed at any point. It's possible he still has the world saved on the computer, but requesting he go to any effort to retrieve it is impossible. For about six to eight months from March 2015, Phil ran a multiplayer Minecraft server on thekingofhate.com, and a few old members on those forums like KGhaleon and The Mighty Onyx have that world folder saved, but won't let go of it. A few unlisted videos of thekingofhate.com server here: [1] [2] [3] [4]. There is a really interesting series of videos here about how a small team of autists worked together to discover the seed to PewDiePie's Minecraft world narrowing down from the 18.4 quintillion possibilities by reverse-engineering it using mathematics. This might have been possible to do with Phil's original Minecraft playthrough if he had only discovered more landmarks (like temples and villages). Fun fact: Phil's current Minecraft world is the sixth he has participated in.​
I don't understand. What is the appeal of this?
I just think it's really neat to have a perfectly identical copy of DSP's Minecraft world. You can check what he missed, what's around the corner in advance, use it to create entertaining videos and screencaps, and continue from it as your own custom world. Phil has promised that once he has finished with the playthrough, he will upload the world. A part of me remains skeptical of that, as it requires him to export the game folder from the Xbox dashboard menu, copy to a thumb drive, transfer onto a computer, and then upload to some file-sharing service. Which sounds like more effort than he would be willing to do. And I suspect that if he were to quit Minecraft, it would be a sudden affair where he would not want to bother with it again.​
Detractor Minecraft servers:
LSBGaming vanilla:
LSBGaming modded Direwolf 20 1.12:
DarkDave's Mirror:
Coordinates (nearest, some subject to change with game updates):
Spawn/home base: 23 64 -1
Plains village 1: -600 64 650
Plains village 2: 130 68 -2450
Plains village 3: "Pothole Point": -800 70 -1600
Taiga village: -750 63 -2450
Plains village 4: 85 63 -3000
Jungle pyramid: 800 64 750
Ocean monument: 1752 60 1112
Nether fortress: 10 65 -213
Woodland mansion: 18177 66 6847
End portal: -1527 28 -694
Is it possible for Phil to open his single-player world to multiplayer?
Yes. It's as simple as clicking on the pencil icon next to the world on the selection screen, navigating to the Multiplayer tab, and turning it on. If it doesn't allow you to do that, then you simply need to make a copy of the world beforehand. Then it is only a matter of inviting people on your Microsoft Friends list to join the world. Since Bedrock edition is cross-platform, it is not required for the other person to be playing on Xbox One. PS4, Win 10, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and other platforms are also compatible. MrPapaveraceae or someone else could theoretically join him in co-op, with the other person communicating through the in-game chat box or the Twitch chat.​

Is it possible for Phil to switch his Survival world to Creative mode?
Yes. Pressing right on the D-Pad opens the command box. Typing in /gamemode creative switches it to Creative mode. /gamemode survival switches it back to Survival mode. Phil claims he prefers Survival over Creative mode, because of the feeling of challenge, yet he goes out of his way to avoid combat, and hates grinding for resources and XP.​
When will the playthrough end?
For those unfamiliar with Minecraft, beating the game requires going to the Nether to collect blaze rods, in order to craft Eyes of Ender, which allow you to locate the Stronghold, which houses the End portal, which leads to the End dimension, where you have to kill a dragon, and then you get a long credits sequence. You are then provided the opportunity to travel to another dimension which has rare loot. Other side-quests include trekking to the Woodland Mansion, Ocean Monument, and other activities. None of this is necessary however, you can play the game without doing any of this. Phil has been asked many times when he is going to end the playthrough, and over time has sought to stagnate progress as much as possible. For him, the "chill" in "chill streams" means he is under no obligation to provide anything but the bare minimum in terms of energy. He at one point classified it as a braindead stream. When referring to the future of the playthrough, he keeps throwing around the words 'year one', implying that he wishes to continue this for as long as possible. I am interested to know what it will take to put the playthrough in the ground once and for all.​
If you go back to the beginning of the current Minecraft playthrough, it was not as wretched as it is today. Over the span of 16 months, it has decayed more and more into a toxic repulsive mess, so I took some notes while going through it again that for me signal turning points that led to each progressive decline in quality. Don't get me wrong, the playthrough was always terrible. But it got progressively much worse over time. I just think it's interesting to plot out what brought us to this point. In the beginning (December 2018 ), Phil was immersed in the game, required less hand-holding, felt a responsibility to deliver an entertaining stream (rather than the stream entertain him), was more appreciative of any level of donation, and enjoyed the game so much that I believe on one instance he actually did some research during off-hours, which he would normally never do for any game. The first sharp drop in quality that marks the beginning of the corruption started at the eve of New Year 2019, when he begins to overact (unfunny clowning around) to entertain the viewers.
  • Dec 12th 19: first death (fall damage into a cave hole).
  • Dec 15th 19: Nether portal created, brief visit to the Nether.
  • Dec 21st 19: second brief visit to the Nether.
  • Dec 26th 19: second death (fall damage from spawn - game bug), third brief visit to the Nether.
  • Dec 31st 19: third death (drowned).
  • Jan 2nd 19: first fishing, first bow use. Overacting, unfunny clownmode. Fourth death (drowned).
  • Jan 5th 19: braindead lack of effort, blaming the game, greedy, first instance of "a lot of progress" despite low progress being made. Possibly on meds/drunk? Fifth death (fall damage from the top of the lighthouse).
  • Jan 12th 19: whiny baby relying on chat completely, moaning about the game logic not being realistic.
  • Jan 18th 19: long day stream, second occasion I suspect he's drugged up because he's making insanely dumb mistakes. First village discovered: -600 64 650.
  • Jan 21st 19: insanely boring, low effort, first MrPapaveraceae build project, first instance of autistic ritual of sleeping every night (despite only having to sleep once every three nights), first instance where he rants about how 'old Phil' was stubborn and obstinate, and is much different to 'new Phil'. Sixth death (fall damage from the top of the lighthouse).
  • Feb 1st 19: seventh death (killed by tridents). Fourth visit to the Nether, gets lost and vows never to return. Eighth death (fall damage after being weakened by fire).
  • Feb 21st 19: fifth brief visit to the Nether.
  • Mar 19th 19: sixth brief visit to the Nether. Grumpy toxic stream with no progress. Insane progress postponing, cements the "I can't do x because of y" attitude. Talks about wanting to do things he could do immediately and quickly, but doesn't for some odd reason. Stagnating progress enormously.
  • Mar 24th 19: one of the worst streams, basically is a fucking moron lazy toxic prick.
  • Apr 17th 19: a rare swing-back to December 2018 when he was more emotionally and intellectually sound.
  • Apr 22nd 19: seventh visit to the Nether, gets lost and vows never to return. Second half of stream, a rare swing-back to December 2018 when he was more adventurous and gutsy.
  • May 6th 19: Second village discovered: 130 68 -2450.
  • May 21st 19: Third village discovered: -800 70 -1600.
  • Jun 3rd 19: MrPapaveraceae suggests the top contributor gets something named after them, the origins of the bidding competition. First Rambo/Howard retcon rant, first instance where Phil realizes viewers have to sit there and listen to his ranting while he has their attention, excused by in-game grinding.
  • Jun 17th 19, top contributor naming competition begins. A huge amount of standing around with very little progress.
  • Jul 2nd 19, Phil suggests Minecraft may become the longest running playthrough on his channel, first instance of bragging about this accomplishment. Bidding competition has been cemented as a regular occurrence, greed has now corrupted the playthrough, lots of exaggerated unfunny clownmode but with a sour ghastly hardened expression. Sincerity for his enjoyment of the game takes a backseat. 13 solid minutes standing around with no progress.
  • Jul 8th 19, eighth visit to the Nether, becomes trapped when a Ghast blows out the portal, vows never to return. Highest amount of XP - 46 levels. Ninth death (died by fire, intentional death to escape the Nether).
  • Jul 21st 19, one of the worst streams, gross transparent baiting for donations, lack of effort, unfunny clownmode.
  • Aug 9th 19, Da_bottomlineis demodded and banned live.
  • Aug 16th and 23rd 19: rare relative emotional stability, more positive, takes errors in his stride, more gutsy, earnest, genuine.
  • Oct 1st 19: long day stream.
  • Oct 7th 19: DJRuno1 'Untitled Goose Game' drama.
  • Oct 13th 19: Emboldened by a sense of support and attention after receiving over $200 in tips, Phil goes on a never-ending rant going after the haters, explaining how he's changed and not going anywhere.
  • Dec 23rd 19: long day stream.
  • Dec 31st 19: long day stream.
  • Jan 6th 19: Third village discovered: -750 63 -2450. Fourth village discovered: 85 63 -3000.
  • Jan 27th 19: Paradoxically claiming he is ignorant to Minecraft after bragging for months about all he has done.
  • Feb 10th 19: rare relative emotional stability, calm, not overly obnoxious.
  • Feb 17th 19: Especially lazy, annoying, stupid. Closes the stream by denying the former mod he was referencing was 'GamerJlee'.
Stream dateName of top "contributor"Top "contribution" amountRequest
Jun 17th 19nihilistic_goldfish10.045K cheer ($100.45)Name the pier after him.
Jun 24th 19Meteorology_Is_Fun$10 tipName a villager 'Mr. Twister'.
Jul 2nd 19creepyspaghetti7.7K cheer ($77)Place a sign in the Nether where a Ghast died.
Jul 8th 19yeah4335$20 tipName the jumping horse 'Humper'.
Jul 14th 19planetjeff$100 tipName a cat after him.
Jul 21st 19phillips_smelly_chair2K cheer ($20)Name the villager house 'Phillip's Condo Of Stench'.
Jul 28th 19planetfeff$21 tipName a sheep 'Fuzzy'.
Aug 9th 19babyfuckbraingaming$10 tipMake a gravestone with an epitaph that reads 'R.I.P. Da_bottomline_is Here lies a backstabber'.
Aug 16th 19Ozymandias$38.01 tipPlace a sign at the highest point of the world that reads 'My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings; Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!'
Aug 23rd 19infinite_555K cheer ($50)Gave the choice to M5NSX. No request.
Sep 1st 19Rock_Heard$35 tipMake a cobblestone penis pointing at the Nether portal.
Sep 8th 19StinkyPenis$26 tipNo request.
Sep 15th 19StinkyPennePenis$100 tipNo request.
Sep 23rd 19phillips_smelly_chair4K cheer ($40)Make a garage and name it 'Samuel Richard Jordan Mcgravys V6 Mustang Workshop'.
Oct 1st 19Spooky_Frog_Man$25 tipMake a frog pond with a cocktail bar.
Oct 7th 19Spawnkiler$20 tipMake a Jasper statue in honor of MrPapaveraceae.
Oct 13th 19Jeffrey$200 tipNo request.
Oct 20th 19phillips_smelly_chair2K cheer ($20)Make a building and name it the 'Seattle Tax Office'.
Nov 25th 19phrenelith5K cheer ($50)Make a tool (storage) shed.
Dec 2th 19falconborneplays3K cheer ($30)"Surprise me." Bird statue was built.
Dec 9th 19Dylancious3.2K cheer ($32)Place a sign down in the direction of where you begin exploring next.
Dec 16th 19Fat_mister_bo & Endworld simultaneously$10.01 & $10.01 tip simultaneouslyGo exploring. Make a rail system from the home base to the village.
Dec 23rd 19phrenelith$20 tipNo request.
Dec 31st 19Antacid$50 tipNo request.
Jan 6th 19Dylancious4K cheer ($40)Make a shrine in honor of MrPapaveraceae.
Jan 14th 19PenneTrain$15.01 tipFind the End portal. "Completely unrealistic! Think of something else or you get nothing!" Make a mob grinder.
Jan 20th 19MarlinsManny$36.75 tipMake a sheep pen with a fridge that dispenses mutton.
Jan 27th 19Straightcashhomie29$20 tipNo request.
Feb 3rd 19Goofball1988$11 tipName a wolf after him.
Feb 10th 19AlmightyDarkPiggy$15 tipNo request.
Feb 17th 19Spawnkiler$20 tipName the pet parrot "Polly".
Feb 24th 19Pwdubz$7.01 tipMake a giant Yoshi egg.
Mar 2nd 19NinStarRune$30 tipUnknown as of this post.