2018-05-25 - Alexander Leonidas: Copyright Infringement, Illegal Activities, & Slander Campaign -

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Wild Wild Sonichu

Does Chad Thundercock here not fucking understand either what Slander is or the fact that the T&Cs of coming here refers to us, the users rather than the forum itself? Leaving it not being a proper DMCA aside the fact he has "100% concrete evidence" doesn't mean shit if he can't get the information of whoever posted it.

That includes saying something was illegal and not actually mentioning anything happening or how he clearly knows fuck all else about what he's saying.

Really though, this is funnier than most of the take down requests here, and tbh this is my favourite part of the farms anyway.


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Find an almost dead thread about yourself on the farms? You can:

A). Ignore it and wait for it to fall into the bowels of obscurity where only the most autistic kiwis will remember it.
B). RAGE AT NULL TO GET THAT SHIT TAKEN DOWN NOW NOW NOW! Calling attention to the thread and causing people who never would have looked twice at it to read it, and increasing it's life span indefinitely.

Thank you lolcows for always choosing option B.
Not open for further replies.

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