2018-06-29 - Bhanu Prasad: "Now I am facing serious legal situation due to these statements" -

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(i'm making this thread on behalf of null)


I received a Court order that is attached to this letter. The Court
found that I made the defamatory and false statements about the
Plaintiffs listed in the Court Order. Now I am facing serious legal
situation due to these statements. I formally ask you to follow the
Court order and take necessary actions to remove the content,
specified in the Court Order, from anywhere in your website at

In addition, I ask you to fully comply with the attached Court order.

Please contact me at the following address if you need any additional

Bhanu Prasad

Contact address:
Bhanu Prasad
6533 Saylers Creek Road
Tallahassee, Florida 32309

Email: bhanupvsr1@gmail.com

ATTACHED: Order.pdf


Additional information:

"A Florida A&M University computer science professor is on the losing end of a long-running defamation suit that could cost him millions. And if he doesn't fully comply with a judge's order, Bhanu Prasad could be back behind bars."

"In granting the 30-day stay, Dodson told Bhanu he should work closely with Samira Arabnia to satisfy her wording of the letters and be able to show he has gotten material removed or has taken steps to do so."

More discussion at this thread and other legal documents/bullshit: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/ashu-solo.29782/page-3#post-3513324



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That must suck. Null doesn't take down shit hardly. Enjoy the assrape m8.
It does say he only needs to show he's taking steps towards getting the stuff taken down if he can't get it taken down himself.

He might be able to avoid Big Steve's Foot Long surprise if he shows the judge this thread/the email chain.

Also, is this guy a cow or a farmer?

What did he post that got a judge to side with a cow?

Why the fuck did he link to the entire website if he wants specific comments erased?


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Unless he gets a lawfully binding court order under applicable law that Null is legally obligated to follow to take down his own stupidity, all he can do is ask and Null can legally refuse.

Any orders to remove these statements are for BHANU to follow, Null is thus not obligated to help him unless otherwise ordered to comply legally by proper authority.

IANAL, obviously, but's that's what I do know as a layman.

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Why on earth does he think the farms has to comply with the court order on him?
I don't think that's the point. He is compelled to send these. He went to jail for not making enough effort and is prob trying to avoid jail. If he had his druthers, he would rather it stay up.
Also, is this guy a cow or a farmer?
Third party whose work was quoted in the thread.
Unless he gets a lawfully binding court order under applicable law that Null is legally obligated to follow to take down his own stupidity, all he can do is ask and Null can legally refuse.
Is that how people keep written CP up on wikis?


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It appears to be about some exceptional individual named Ashu Solo.

Anyone have any clue what this bullshit is about other than involving that crocels spastic Jonathan Bishop?

/me reads injunction

Lol this moron has an order that he's supposed to somehow shut down dozens of websites that don't give a shit about his dumb street shitting ass or else go to jail.

(None of them are us but I guess we're in his due diligence list somehow.)

Guess he's in deep shit!

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Okay I think I figured this out. Ashu Solo (a lolcow) plus some of Ashu's friends (the other plaintiffs) are going after Bhanu Prasad (this dude in the OP with like 90 aliases) over defamation and sending Ashu a meme telling him to neck himself which is apparently illegal in Canada.

Bhanu is currently losing to a lolcow/lolcows in court and wants third-party evidence of such removed, therefore he sent this message to us because we're hosting some of the evidence relating to the beef between the lolcows and Bhanu.

Therefore Bhanu is also a lolcow.
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