2018-06-29 - Bhanu Prasad: "Now I am facing serious legal situation due to these statements" -

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Lol, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.

A historically black university showing that the education you receive there is somehow still worth less than what little you have to pay for it. You're better off asking outright lolcows to educate you how to do it right at this point.


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Well Hamid Arabnia and his lawyer/DAUGHTER Samira Arabnia are Iranian. The best part, however, is that The daughter Samira started all this shit by getting told by friends about mean words on the internet.
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Internet is a wonderland, but you aren't in no way invisible and untraceable, so mind the bullshit you put on, because laws applies even there.
Unless you use a Russian proxy server... at which point liberal stupidity will take over and conspiratorial accusations will rightly ensue.

By the by, I just browsed through one of the now removed links and... it doesn't look like defamation. Defamation generally only works if what you're saying isn't true, but even then only if you KNOW it isn't true... and the other side has to PROVE that you knew it wasn't true... and, er... well tl;dr defamation suits are nearly impossible to win, which means one or more people had to fuck up in the most awe inspiring way imaginable for this to actually happen.

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you know, all this is very confusing but I believe I have a appropriate response to both sides of the law suit

you both suck and get nothing out of us. Go home and cry yourself to sleep over not winning a childish argument about mean words on the internet
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