2018-07-18 - Stephane "Unixmad" Portha: "court order-related removal from Google Search" -

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Or I could just make a new thread containing the name.
And maybe tag both threads with the name as well.

They can't ban Google from listing any results containing a person's name. They are saying those two pages in particular have infringing content. This thread, no matter what your interpretation, cannot be defamation because it's a factual post. This actually happened. There is no opinion present in OP. To censor it is to censor government activity and criticism thereof.
Yeah just make a new thread lol


A quick glance at his thread shows that user @micmart was the one who posted his bank information, credit card number, and signature (???). Said user necroposted the thread after almost three years of inactivity to share the information and has not been seen since making that post. Hmmm.
I also don't remember this person contacting me, but he claims he did. I hope he didn't commit perjury.


Question: what kind of tranny is best ?
I've translated some bits I found funny:

Joshua Moon has his own Internet page, which lists without any evidence his alleged criminal activities, including death threats, rape threats, xenophobia and child pornography.

(Note that of course he links to the Kiwi Farms wiki)

Also the people he's buttmad at:

The user @DrJonesHat called Mr Stéphane Portha "a world-class asshole".

The user @CatParty posted a picture showing computer files whose names indubitably implied they contained child pornography, and which according to him belonged to Mr Stéphane Portha.

The user @Valiant wrote that Mr Stéphane Portha had "the pedophile smirk going on" in reference to the pic of Mr Stéphane Portha in the opening post of the thread.

A user named @Spider Jerusalem estimated that Mr Stéphane Portha was "a gigantic twat".

These statements severely call into question the morality and integrity of Mr Stéphane Portha and Eurocenter Games.

I am kind of disappointed he didn't mention the people we allegedly drove to suicide.
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