2018-08-05 - Russell Greer: "Final Cease and Desist" -

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I also wonder why Greer, who constantly touts his legal knowledge, would go to a cop and ask him for legal help that he isn't qualified to give.
Unless, maybe, the cop is an empty threat who didn't exist in the first place. I think someone who worked as a fucking paralegal would know that cops aren't some sort of intellectual property/defamation law geniuses. Like most professions, they mostly just know the laws that they need for their job.


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I'd really like to know why Russell thinks this thread is more damning to him than what he has already made public.

He believes he's entitled to sex with celebrities and hookers simply because of a facial deformity and has tried to publicly lobby the legal system to make it law he's entitled to just that.

All we do is discuss this information, and our speculation has no legal weight, but what he put out there in the courts of law does, and it makes him look bad, but that's all on him.

Russell Greer just needs to drop any remaining pretense, sue Taylor Swift and demand sex with her as a settlement, lose, be declared a vexatious litigant officially, and admit defeat.

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A sternly worded letter would've had more impact.

Very, very, very little impact, but at least more than "I totally had a cop tell me you have to take down my thread!". I mean for fuck's sake at least a letter would've shown some effort.
Oh no, I believe he talked to an officer, no doubt, but I also believe their conversation went a little something like this:

Russell'd Jimmies: H-hello, Officer? The bad people on the internet are being mean again and they still aren't listening!
PO: Have you twied talking to them widdle russy pussy? Twy wun more time, champ
R: O-ok, y-you too


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After Greta showed up @Null s residence I started thinking what a vigilante A-team, or Lolcow-team, would look like trying to take on KF.

Russ: the wheelman, because his eyes can’t look left or right.

Jake Alley: Logistics, he plans the caper in painfully obtuse detail no one else can understand or can be assed to even read.

Greta: muscle

ADF: muscle

Timmy and Terra: hapless decoy and patsy

Amberlynn and Ashley Issacs: the gun molls

Probably a few more could be added. It’s def a TV show I would watch
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You all disgust me.
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It never ceases to make me giggle like an idiot whenever people plead to keep their correspondence "confidential" on a website where all their public information is already available.
Especially when one considers that the Removing Content page clearly states threats and litigation are posted publicly. Isn't there an axiom here about lolcows and reading comprehension being mutually exclusive?

But he wrote CONFIDENTIAL in the subject headline! That makes the email look both super important and secret!
Or make it look like an advance fee fraud (aka Nigerian Scam) email; those usually have CONFIDENTIAL in the subject or opening paragraph, too.
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