2018-09-16 - Clara Place Swan: Cam Model Protection DMCA Notice in Netherlands -

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Thomas Paine

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Honestly, if she just showed her puss and brought her prices down to where cucks could afford to jerk their dicks for $5, she'd probably make a ton of dough.
Sadly, she's too dumb of a whore to figure out how to be a good whore.

Probably gonna be an inevitable moment where she actually reads her thread then screeches her ass off on twitter.


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At this point all the dmcas kiwi farms has received will end up turning into a more autistic postal stamp collection, seeing as how the site gets threated by legal action from all over the world
Just what Kiwi Farms needs - a mail art exhibition. We can be like all the cool kids.


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Why is the DMCA only for the Netherlands of all places? Are de sekswinkels in Amsterdam's red light district her main source of income or something?
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