2018-09-27 - Romeo Rose: I am filing a Class Action Lawsuit against ALL members of Kiwi Farms -

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Monster of the week

Sir, I don't know you. I've never talked to you. I've never talked about you. Your lawsuit is a joke, and so are you.

Someone has doxxed many of you all and has sent me your home addresses... I don't have yours specifically yet, but this is a work in perogress.
Will consequences ever be the same? I'll see you in court, mister l33t super hacker.


Mildly fragranced for that fresh feeling.
True & Honest Fan
I'm excited, I never get letters!

I'd like for you to tell me my address though.
.....no, I'm being serious, I'm drunk and lost and I can't remember where I live. :(

At least I can dry my tears on my copy of the summons when I get it! It's the little things in life. :heart-full:


Trial by Fire! Trial by Fire!
Any lawyer reviewing this thread as evidence will end up having Romeo arrested instead...
From Lawyer to Prosecutor - where have I heard THAT ONE before? And why would I rather be watching stuff on that, instead of watching this crybaby continue to deny reality??


We are Legion. We are one.
I actually created this site, I created Everything in this world, I -AM- the Universe.
Okay Zeus-Ammon.
Oh, I'm real, I'm even more real than real, I am Hyper-Real... and everyone on this forum is going to rue the day that they made the mistake of deciding to tango with me baby!
So you transcend reality itself? Or you just exist in a higher plane of existence?
I will be traveling Internationally and I will sue them in their own countries. I am suing EVERY member of KIWI FARMS with absolutely NO exceptions.... and yes, I will also be suing myself, however I am planning to let myself win.
>suing yourself
>letting yourself win

this is some transcendent dimensionless kabbalah senet in the void i'm not sure if I can keep up
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