2018-10-02 - Roy Philipose: DMCA over a tweet. -

  • The site was compromised. (Initial announcement) (What to do) (A post about feelings)
    This announcement will be removed when I (hopefully) finalize my audit either today or tomorrow. I will follow it up with a mass email to all users linking the information in this announcement. So far, there has been no subsequent release of data.
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It's like this guy doesn't realize the Internet was created to SHARE information.

Then shits himself and cries when people he doesn't like comment on the information he shared of his own free will.
It's dumber than that; he fully realized that the Internet was created to share information and he actively sought attention by publishing a book, writing a blog, speaking publicly at an Elon Musk event, etc. Then when he got some attention, he flipped out because it wasn't the kind he wanted.

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There is nothing illegal about sharing a correspondence. One's email address isn't private information, just like a phone number. It's amazing how dumb people are when it comes to privacy.
People (Americans) mistakenly believe they have a right to privacy similar to that in the EU. You don’t. In the EU, an employer can’t look at your social media or anything and not hire you because of it or they’re breaking privacy laws.

In the US, you really have very little privacy rights outside of HIPAA and various educational privacy rights that you give up to your parents anyway so they’ll help you pay for college.

Anonymus Fluhre

No man fears what he has seen grow
Doesn't matter. I've told him to file paperwork or eat shit.
Rather large .png, taken from google webcashe as the file name implies. If he has others let me know and I'll grab those too if I can. You should be able to zoom in and read it just fine though.
archive was having issues today but I finally managed to archive it.
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