2018-11-22 Ask the King -

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"Ask the King" is just awful. Phil drones on about the same topics he squawks about during all his shtreams and pre-shtreams while looking like a doughy '80s gay cowboy. Eg0 masturbation at its absolute worst. Phil should call it "Endure Listening to The King Say Nothing Interesting" since that's what it actually is.


How can anyone take this shit seriously? Nothing showcases his talking down to people and talking to people like they're children (granted a lot of his viewers are) like ask the king. "I don't see people as another race I just see them as people"... seriously phil, are you fucking five years old or are you still just desperate to convince people your not racist?
This is the only acceptable format for him, pre-approved questions where it's impossible for anyone to respond. You know who I want to listen to ramble on about nothing and stroke their own ego in a pathetic attempt to make people perceive them the way they want to be perceived? A washed up failure of a let's player with a patchy goatee and a gay ass cowboy hat.
For fucks sake phil just bring on the begging segment already... OKAY.
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