2018-12-04 - Tommy Tooter crossover with Virgo Rouge -


On Tommy's Channel, a 3-hour livestream on the 3rd day of Hanukkah takes a twist when Virgo Rouge calls and they have a delightful discussion about dogfucking, pedophilia, and drugs.


Virgo later makes a video after my 5th day of Hanukkah stream where I go over this call with viewers defending him further (but still exclusively referring to him as a man lmfao).


On my video, she left some comments.





Stream link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9Vnpv5EY5A


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This is not their first spat. Back in February, Marissa called Tom while he was streaming:
He told Marissa that he wouldn't upload their conversation online, then of course did so anyway. This pissed Marissa off, and she made a video at the time talking about it, and referring to Tom as a man.


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This is really bizarre to watch. virgo is totally oblivious to the fact that he don't accept he is a man. And tommy doesn't exactly impress the other party with his drug addled hoboisms either. "he isn't a hobo you guys he have a degree in marine biology." ----- "actually I was living on the streets doing drugs for years and I am a woman with balls do not call me a man"


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What's really surreal is that if they really start going at each other in earnest, we might come to a situation where at least one of them comes to the realization that some people featured on the forums deserve a level of ridicule. I'm not really getting my hopes up, as that level of awareness is probably unrealistic for these two, but if it does happen my money's on Virgo, as she seems less crazy.


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It's his version of Chris saying he was honor roll or DSP saying he was valedictorian in that it's probably technically true, but they're all stupid lolcows regardless.
In the end, you can say shit about your past, but it is the present that truly matter on what defines you.

Tl;dr: being smart for a second does not make you a genius for the rest of your life.

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Jfc that man/woman/thing looks like a stand in for tales from ththe crypt. Plus, Kiwifarms should be banned from YouTube but not the people who talk about dogfucking lol?

I guess god didn't make these people for thinking. That or I died and ended up in some parallel universe where dog fucking is ok. Like how many has it been in the past month and a half. Why are that all so chill about it, fantasizing about that and kids.


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I have never heard two unmedicated schizophrenics talk to each other before. It's like they were having two completely different simultaneous conversations. It was pretty hilarious, but goddamn I had the worst headache afterwards.

I think my favorite part was hearing Virgo get increasingly unnerved the longer she spoke to Tommy. I was actually starting to feel kinda bad for her.

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