2018-12-10 - Skylar Ittner: Complaining about SkylarIttner.com -

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Reporter: Anonymous
Reported URLs:


Logs or Evidence of Abuse: The operator of an online forum, Kiwi Farms, a site devoted to harassing and slandering people, registered skylarittner.com and is using Cloudflare to redirect it to a URL containing a mixture of false information, misleading information, "doxxing", and harassment against me.

Comments: I would be happy if skylarittner.com simply stops redirecting to the website containing the offensive content.

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I'm guessing you own that domain name, but if not, this is pretty hilarious that he would think complaining to CloudFlare would get a domain you don't even own taken down.

I'd say go to WIPO for the domain, but your name isn't trademarked Skylar.
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very good. that means all potential employers can see his antics and greatest hits
I'm sure it's one of the top hits on his name given :null:'s skill in SEO.

This being one of the threads I followed as a lurker, it's amazing to the point of wow that his lack of self-awareness led to him missing out on a college graduation (that appeared to be less than a semester away) due to his own lulzy behavior that worsened once he received more attention here. Not even a hack that showed his amateur networking skills could humble him, either. How telling is that when most would instead concede gracious defeat and learn from their shortcomings that he instead doubled down on the behavior that earned his thread here?


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But mommy calls to him when the internet goes down. Usually from the hallway next to his bedroom.


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I did a clean google search on his name and this is what google spat out.

View attachment 615828

Honestly his own ego stroking Linkedin is probably dooming him before they even see link #3.

View attachment 615829

His Linkedin is like RAID for employment.
Getting a clean google search manually is pretty difficult. Google's a black box and cleaning out your cookies and going incognito doesn't guarantee they're not tracking you, say, based on your IP.

I think startpage.com is more accurate than doing it yourself. (They use google for their results.)

This is what I get through startpage.com:

Heh, note that he paid for an ad to appear above kiwifarms. But when it comes to the non-paid results, kiwifarms seems to be at the top.

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Love the "against me" part.

Goes against his whole original facade of doing it as a public service to reveal his true colors. :story:
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