Lawsuit 2018-12-12 - Melinda Leigh Scott v. Andrew Carlson, Joshua Moon, Sherod DeGrippo -

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I remember when I read that first thread about Melinda trying to sue you over that thread about Andrew. I never thought it would get this far.

I also think it's really adorable how Marshall watches Melinda fail over and over again, and yet still thinks he's somehow winning.

And when you don't want the enemy to know that they're getting to you, just go with the "This is all entertainment for me" route!


You crack me up, clown.
@Null noted in his stream that the lawsuit appeared to be written on notebook paper, but most notebook paper doesn't have the margin separated by a line. It wasn't laziness, she deliberately wrote the lawsuit on a "Legal Pad".


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Even if this bitch hired a lawyer, it never works out for cows. Maddox hired the drunkest fuck he could find in LanDUI and Onision just hired a bitch who was previously disbarred for being a fuck up. Using these statistics, Melinda would have hired Barb to represent her.

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Even if this bitch hired a lawyer, it never works out for cows. Maddox hired the drunkest fuck he could find in LanDUI and Onision just hired a bitch who was previously disbarred for being a fuck up. Using these statistics, Melinda would have hired Barb to represent her.

Who represented Sick Nick, and how did he get landed with that job?

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Okay, serious question. Here in Britain, if you repeatedly make claims or Court applications that are totally without merit, you can find yourself subject to a Civil Restraint Order which is where you're forbidden from making claims in Court without getting prior authorisation. Shouldn't this person be subject to a similar thing over there? She's clearly a vexatious litigant.

I have seen the exact same thing done here, though the sources are a bit more varied depending on which court you are filing in. Whether by statute or court rule, if you continue to file the exact same meritless pleading, without making any different allegations that state a legitimate cause of action, then typically two things happen. First, the court will issue an order prohibiting you from filing any further pleadings without being granted leave to do so, and noticing you that you will be found in contempt if you do. Second, your pleadings are automatically rejected by the clerk of the court and not filed. I have some vague recollection that other sanctions are possible, most likely monetary.

I don't really know much about contempt proceedings, they really very rarely occur outside of certain specific circumstances. Truth is, judges are seldomly involved in these things. They (and the clerk) have ample staff that review everything long before the judge sees it. Staff explain it to the judge, and he/she then instructs them what order to prepare. Takes about 40 seconds, then 10 more later on for a signature. Judges have far better things to do (like going home before noon) than wasting time drafting orders dealing with dolts like this woman.

I will say this to give dubious credit where it's due: I thought my first ex-wife had gone through a few of us, but fuck, this chick makes her look like quite the "bitter ender." How she never learned anything about the law with all the papers she must have pushed getting all those divorces is simply mystifying.

I remember the stream, is the moron from the church of yahoo or something doing a "consecuences never be the same" and curse yu hameha both in the same package of insanity

There are parts of it (such as the three strikes provision in (g)) explicitly limited to prisoners. Also, the judge didn't cite the statute in dismissing the case. For that matter, the judge didn't cite FRCP 12(b)(6) either, instead citing 8(a)(2) ("short and plain statement"). So while a lot of the language reads like a dismissal under 12(b)(6), the court is explicit about "pleading requirements," particularly the heightened pleading requirements for a defamation claim, and only cites Rule 8.

Confusing the issue more, the court opens its analysis by saying: "Scott's allegations fail to state a claim on which relief may be granted[.]" This of course implicates 12(b)(6).

So I'm not really sure what the court actually did here. It may or may not be based on 1915(e)(2), although that statute isn't cited. It may be based on FRCP 12(b)(6), although only 8(a)(2) is explicitly cited.

I sense the judge was rather impatient about the whole matter.
Sounds like this is something that could easily be overturned on appeal. But this bitch isnt even bothering to do that

Yep. Sherrod hippo ran, owned and then eventually led to the downfall of ED, which in turn became knowyourmeme. Now everyone rightfully hates her fat ugly ass. She's like the Meg Griffin of the internet, and I'm honestly surprised she doesn't have a thread here. But back on topic, I can't believe this idiotic cuntrag is trying to sue null and hippo again.
Doesnt she work for a cyber security firm that gets government contracts? Why would that warrant a thread?
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There isn't an equivalent for non-prisoners, and even prisoners who are capable of paying the filing fees can do so indefinitely.

I'll say. People who run (say) family style restaurants used to be able to make a living, maybe even a good one, serving the community they found themselves in. Then came the ADA.

State Legislator Battles ‘Serial Filers’ Who Exploit Disability Act Infractions

KPIX found more than 2,000 cases filed by Johnson in federal court, going back to 2004.

In just the last six months, federal filings show Johnson has focused on the Bay Area, suing 166 businesses in San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Campbell, Cupertino, Los Gatos, Concord, Martinez, Danville and Pleasant Hill.

Weird how the law is federal but the damages are determined at the state level. Today I learned, and all that.

“They will run into your business, get out their ruler and their camera, take measurements, snap pictures and run back out. And I have had people call the police on them not knowing what the heck was going on,” said Rosasco.

She says under California law plaintiffs in ADA lawsuits have a right to $4,000 dollars per visit, making the state fertile ground for serial filers like Johnson.

“What he says is I want $4,000 for all nine times I came here, even though you didn’t even know that I came here,” said Rosasco.

This being California, though, good luck getting anything sane done.


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Can't overly vexatious litigants get a contempt charge put on them? Or is contempt just some bug a boo that judges never use.

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Can't overly vexatious litigants get a contempt charge put on them? Or is contempt just some bug a boo that judges never use.

Yes. Any time you violate/fail to comply with an order from a court, the sanction is contempt. Thing is, courts don't have their own police. They can issue a bench warrant, but the LEOs typically drop them to the bottom of their to-do list. SOP is to enter the warrant into databases, so the next time you run a red light, your traffic citation gets put with the rest of your property at the county hoosgow.

In certain cases the consequences can be severe. Serial filing bankruptcy petitions to abuse the automatic stay can (and does!) get people charged with bankruptcy fraud, a federal felony.

Bottom line, yes, courts do seek contempt. Realistically though, you have to seriously piss somebody off. It's a major pain in the ass, and at the end of the day, the court just wants you to obey its orders. They will go out of their way to give you every chance to do so.


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Not even the best cow suit of the year tbh. Nothing will quite beat Asterios' lawyer spelling out the word C-U-C-K to the judge, in a case that ultimately saw Asterios legally permitted to call Maddox a cuck.

Nothing will beat that Maddox filed a lolsuit over being called a cuck and part of the defense was that yes, he actually is a cuck.
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