2018-12-27 - Yaniv Nahoum: Court Order from Israel -

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Edit: This is not Jonthan Yaniv, this is a celebrity. The complaint is about Yaniv Nahoum's feature in the Hollywood Sex Pest thread, not Jonathan Yaniv's thread.



On behalf of our client, Mr. Yaniv Nahoum, please see attached letter.

Keren Gugel
Guy Ophir, Law Firm

B.S.R3 Tower, 12th floor
Kineret 5, Bnei Brak, ISRAEL
Fax: +972-3-5325691 Tel: +972-3-5323650
Email: keren@ophirlaw.com
Website: www.ophirlaw.com

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Shalom Mr. Gugel,

1. The Kiwi Farms is not located in, or subject to, the jurisdiction of Israel.

2. Your email was sent directly to spam. If you want, I can give you a new email server that isn't flagged as spam. My rate is $55/hr.

With love,
Joshua 'Goy' Moon
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So a result might be removed from Google searches. Who cares?

Also not Jonathan Yaniv. See post above mine.

My guess is they're actually legally required to, or it is just professional courtesy, to notify anyone whose site's Google search results might be impacted. In all likelihood, this other person has filed a suit listing a whole shitload of urls containing the allegedly defamatory material.
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