2018-12-29 - Carlos Albuquerque: "yikes." -

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The following message has been sent from Carlos <calahao@zoho.eu> via the contact form at Kiwi Farms.

Couldn't help but notice you have my thread up and running again. Normally I wouldn't bother, except two things:

- as you can see, my Facebook feed is private, so this is in fact doxxing.

- a user is essentially making veiled threats at contacting my college.

As you can see, this could get people into trouble. Given how you have faced lawsuits before because of shit like this, yikes.


Subject: Re: Heya (from Kiwi Farms)
To: Carlos <calahao@zoho.eu>
From: Null <null@kiwifarms.net>

fuck off retard

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I also wasn't aware that doxxxing and contacting a college were both crimes.
In some jurisdictions (notably the EU) it becomes cyber-stalking if they go private and you continue to post or copy their social media maliciously.

This is why it's literally the first port of call for most police forces to go "Lol send your Social Media to friends only and piss off" in the UK when some twat comes whinging.

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1. Didn't know I was lowkey threatening to contact someone's college, I was curious how he was doing. His paper is actually being cited by people so he's doing better than most people with a thread.
2. Never admit a dox is you because it makes it easier to dig up more information about you. It literally took single Google search to find that information and it was on the first page.
3. A Facebook page isn't set to private if an archive site can get all of the information from it. Keep all statuses under "Friends" only Carlos.
4. Remember, you wanted attention, it's why you made your own thread.
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