2018 Grammies Salt - Saltier Than A Barrel Full Of Briney Girldicks

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Grammys, Emmys, Oscars... I'll never understand the desire to assign any importance to an event that's literally the most successful people in an extremely lucrative industry telling each other how awesome they are. I swear these "controversies" are invented to keep the pleebs from realizing none of this stuff matters in the real world.

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To be honest, Lorde actually had a good album this year, so I understand why some people are pissed because Ed Sheeran won.
What I don't understand are people complaining about dem evil white men snubbing the awards. I just looked over them (I was actually surprised that they were better than usual) and I saw quite a lot of women in awards. I mean, do they really except for every award to be won by a woman? If so, that's sexist.


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People watch the Grammies? Hasn't it been a literal joke for decades. I remember old Simpsons even making jokes about it. That said most industry awards like these are just thinly veiled marketing campaigns and circle jerks. Like the VGAs or Oscars, with nothing to be had or gained by watching or paying attention ('cept maybe drama and salt).


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My sides, that first fucking tweet. "wtf I want segregation back now". I'm pretty fucking sure many people predicted literally exactly this would happen and were called sexist for it.
Also the typical 'think of the children' bullshit. Who is getting inspiration based on who wins Grammys? I sincerely doubt little girls are thinking 'I really like Pink and Lorde, but they aren't winning Grammys so they must be shit.'


Didn't pretty much everyone say Lorde's new album really wasn't very good? I seem to vaguely remember that.

Anyway, I agree with the RIAA dude tbh. If women want to win awards they should make better music. There have been plenty of talented female artists that deserved to and have won Grammies, but fuck if I can name any this year.

Edit: However, I also agree that Ed Sheeran probably shouldn't be winning Grammies either.

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There would definitely be more fairness in separating the sexes for these awards, men are almost always better at music, comedy, philosophy, art, literature, etc than women. I think it's interesting that Sheryl Crow believes that women need inspiration from other women to do things themselves. God forbid a woman learns anything from or gets inspired by a man.

"I'm not sure it is about women needing to 'step up', (as said by the male in charge)."

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