2018 Grammies Salt - Saltier Than A Barrel Full Of Briney Girldicks

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I stopped watching long ago. They don't care about rock or metal and I no longer recognise anyone but the legends they pay tribute to.

I will never be used to knowing that there are people that actually give a shit about the Grammys.

I mean... the year Nevermind came out, they gave the best rock performance by a group award to Bonnie Rait.
Bonnie Rait is country as far as I can tell. I know she was big for a few years. But she was nowhere near as culturally signifigant as Nirvana.

It was also the first year the Grammys even had a Hard Rock/Metal award, introduced in part because of the landmark releases a few years earlier by metal bands (remember that Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?, Reign in Blood, and Master of Puppets all came out within six months of each other) that finally legitimized the genre in the Academy's eyes to offer the award.

....which they then promptly gave to Jethro Tull.

SZA's album CTRL was my personal pick for best R&B album, especially since 24K Magic is only barely an R&B album in the first place.
I think someone on the inside really liked Jethro Tull and couldn't fit the nomination in anywhere else.

They don't even televise the best metal performance award. Sucks for Megadave last year.

But the Grammies are a joke and they tend to be rather out of touch. Like the RRHOF. look how long it took them to induct Journey. And only this year Dire Straits. but they get Tupac the first year he is eligible?:\


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I just saw the Kendrick Lamar performance and mystified why people described it as politically charged. It's no more political than the actual album.
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