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2019-01-20 - Cory Machado: "Retraction Demand and Notice of Potential Legal Action"

Discussion in 'Take that off the god damn Internet!' started by Null, Jan 20, 2019.

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  1. Subject: Retraction Demand and Notice of Potential Legal Action
    Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2019 14:22:27 -0800
    From: "Seth W. Wiener, Esq." <seth@sethwienerlaw.com>
    To: <ichverbot@gmail.com>, <josh@jaw.sh>

    Mr. Moon,

    Please confirm receipt of the attached Retraction Demand and Notice of
    Potential Legal Action.

    Yours truly,

    Seth W. Wiener, Esq.
    Law Offices of Seth W. Wiener
    609 Karina Court
    San Ramon, CA 94582
    Telephone: (925) 487-5607
    Retraction Demand and Notice of Potential Legal Action-1.jpg Retraction Demand and Notice of Potential Legal Action-2.jpg


    Subject: Re: Retraction Demand and Notice of Potential Legal Action
    Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2019 08:51:44 +0200
    To: "Seth W. Wiener, Esq." <seth@sethwienerlaw.com>
    From: Joshua Moon <josh@jaw.sh>

    I would like to applaud the sheer audacity of this email. Even though my
    site's legal contact information is supplied by the domain and publicly
    posted in multiple places throughout the websites, you went out of your
    way to find the old information. You've addressed this to the house my
    voter registration information is tied to, and used two personal emails
    to avoid send it to <legal@kiwifarms.net>. Your intent was to intimidate me.

    Your intent with this demand is also very clear. You're threatening me
    under California Civil Law, as if I'd ever voluntarily step foot in that
    god awful fucking state, not to actually pursue those torts (because I'm
    a safe harbor host provided under USC 47 S 230 and you know it), but to
    try and intimidate me into doxing one of my users to you so you can pull
    the same bullshit seen with this email to try and have them remove their
    post on their own (which is something that the user is incapable of
    doing; no one can delete their posts on Kiwi Farms).

    If you do want to procure information from me, please get a court order
    first, though you may find the results disappointing. I'm happy to
    inform you the Kiwi Farms does not keep any of the information you're
    requesting, nor am I legally required to.

    The actual meat of the complaint is also laughably weak. You can't say
    saying someone is "like" a stalker is libel. For instance, if I said
    Seth W. Wiener, Esq is LIKE a stalker because he tried to find out where
    I live to make his shitty legal notice more intimidating, I would be
    constitutionally protected in doing so (and also truthful, an absolute

    Prompted by this complaint, I did digging into this energy drink and
    found out - oh what a surprise, it's a company with multi-level
    marketing that relies on college students and useful idiots (Cory) to
    propagate the product and offer "weekly & residual income" to people who
    might need it the most. Not only does Google's 3rd suggestion for "Neon
    Energy Drink" read "Neon Energy Drink Pyramid Scheme", but the search
    turns up other energy drink products dubbed actual pyramid schemes by
    the FTC.

    Surprise, it's entirely reasonable for a rational person to assume that
    this energy drink is a pyramid scheme without reading a post by trusted
    author Yellow Man Sam on the proud pillar of journalistic integrity
    known as the Kiwi Farms.

    On a final note, I advise you look up Barbara Streisand v. the Internet
    (2003). It's my favorite case law.

    Kind regards,
    Joshua Moon
    just some fucking guy


    Thread in question:
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    #1 Null, Jan 20, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2019

    Null Ooperator

  2. Kinda hard to take anyone named Wiener seriously... even with Esq after it.
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    J A N D E K

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  3. Hard ... Wiener... :pickle:
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    King Buzzo

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  4. You're innocent of all he's accused you of, Mr Moon, but you've just commited a warcrime.
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    xxXDxx just magic, ain't gotta explain shit

  5. Watching Null slap down goobers like this never gets old.

    Mr. Wiener,
    Please confirm receipt of attached verbal smackdown you weedy little kike.
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    Visitor I'm Awesome
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  6. I've never heard of this guy before. I guess it's time to start to look into them.
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  7. So is this an actual lawyer? Aren't lawyers supposed to do due diligence? Even 15 minutes of cursory inspection will show that this tactic is an incredibly poor idea that will get The Weineresque Lawyer no good results and only infamy.

    If I was his client, I would be talking to a real lawyer about bringing charges against this chucklefuck.

    Edit: Although, to be fair, this is the first time I've seen a thread in this forum where Null doesn't outright call the guy an exceptional individual or to go fuck themselves, so he's doing better than 99% of the mouthbreathers.
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    The Manglement

    The Manglement Some internet faggot

  8. The real question is, will Harvey Dirdban take the case?
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    Brian Butterfield

    Brian Butterfield Satisfaction guaranteed...no matter what.

  9. Seth W. Wiener, Esq is LIKE a pedophile because he tried to prey on a chubby-cheeked internet swearyboi.
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    Dynastia woman respecter
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  10. Now she's gonna turn into Mecha-Streisand
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    MeatRokket08 I will make you XS Tech's bitch

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    yawning sneasel

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  11. Yes, and apparently not one associated with Internet stupidity up until this point. He is licensed in California and a graduate of the rather well regarded Columbia Law School, an Ivy League school generally considered Top Five.

    email obfuscated for anti-spam although it is his first and last name and is a Yahoo email address.

    Website: http://sethwienerlaw.com
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    AnOminous sittin in the fabled catbird seat
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  12. Lol that dudes thread was dead in the water yet he pulls this shit. Obviously not a a learning animal.
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  13. Just skimmed the OP of Cory. What a weird case overall. Why did it take 3 years to get this response? I am confused as hell by all this and the dumbass lawyer who thought this was a good idea. Maybe the Cory guy just paid him insane money to write up some bullshit? Who knows.
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    Mall Xplorer

    Mall Xplorer Dead Mall Enthusiast

  14. Slow-in-the-minds think this is like a regular forum. On an ordinary forum, if you threatened the host with legal action over a dead thread that nobody cares about, they'd just pull the thread because it is dead and nobody cares. On KF you just get called a faggot and then the thread becomes a live thread.
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    The Manglement

    The Manglement Some internet faggot

  15. Is it normal for lawyers to work in their homes if they are not a part of a firm? Googling the address pulls up a house.
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    King Buzzo

    King Buzzo Packing heat for dem winter years.
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  16. Yes. That's what Nicky Rackets does for instance.
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    AnOminous sittin in the fabled catbird seat
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  17. I assume by the url that he is an expert on wiener law.
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    facepalm Oh Good Lord
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  18. Why is it that it seems like most of these kinds of emails you get are from cows whose threads have been dead for ages, and usually were never that active in the first place?
    It's almost like they want to jumpstart the drama in their lives.
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  19. Not very impressive tactics for a supposed hotdog lawyer.

    I think this thread needs a rousing chorus of...
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    J A N D E K

    J A N D E K The Last of the Famous International Goodboys
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