2019-01-28: Ryan Simmons: "Delete all furry information from your website NOW." -

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Wake me up

CωC Club founder
Humanity can only hope that some day one of those outstanding, touching intimidation attempts heart-to-heart pleas will make Null see the light and shutdown this shithole of toxicity and autism once and for all!
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Mr Foster

Dosh, grab it while you can lads!

Because threatening Null has worked for all the other people who have tried.

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Lost in an endless void of stupid.
Null you shouldn't tell them to fuck off, its more interesting when they stick around and sperg out
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Did I spook you yet?
Now that we know that you are watching this thread, here's what happens what Null gets sued:

As you can see in the video, Null has a tendency to win lawsuits when he's not there and unaware of them. You have no legal ground to stand on, and Canadian law does not apply, because the Kiwi Farms is based in the US. I doubt you even could "win" such a case in Canada.

The Manglement

Some internet faggot
I love the level of doublethink on this sped. "The person I'm fucking is a CHILD, and deserves special protection from weirdos on the internet like Null. They, where 'they' is the person I am having sexual intercourse with on the regular, are a minor!"

I understand you don't want people to know you're a fucking ephebophile, and you probably don't want the poor kid's parents finding out you're corrupting them with furfaggotry, but maybe don't post the shit on the internet in the first place?
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