2019-03-01 Email: The NRA has targeted me, but I won't back down! -


Damn property taxes f**k up everything.
The only kind of gun Brianna approves of is a poorly modeled 3D space lazer guns wielded by space lesbians.
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Wu is such a fake gun girl.

Ok, so first question, what did she actually fire? Was it a machine gun, a full auto rifle, or a semi-auto?
Because those are different things.

Also, what exactly is she promising to "fight"? Because the term "assault weapon" is a fluid one that changes as fits different pieces of legislation.

Is she trying to keep fully automatic rifles out of civilian hands? Because we essentially already have that. It is illegal to modify a firearm to do that, and getting one legitimately requires a Class 3 permit, which is expensive and time consuming on its own, to say nothing of the cost of finding and buying one. As @Bassomatic relayed, it's a headache and a half, and anything you'd want to own is going to cost as much as a new car. This is in addition to the ATF breathing down your neck and the tax stamp, which ain't cheap.
This is not something 90% of people have the time and money to do.

Is she trying to get rid of semi auto firearms all together? Good luck, there's too many in circulation for this to be a remotely viable, the NRA lobbyists would bury anyone who tried, and no senator or congressman living is going to back you in trying for fear of the backlash.

Is she trying to get rid of large capacity mags? They're already regulated in many states, and manufacturers find ways to slip through the loopholes faster than the laws can be written ("repair and conversion kits" anyone?)

As with everything else, her point stems from a place of fundamental ignorance on the topic, her solution isn't explained in favor of some vague promise to "do something" and "be a fighter", and the resulting conga line of people calling her a moron are "death threats".

Long and short? She's saying dumb shit and talking out her ass because 40 seconds passed without anyone paying her attention.

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John and Frank turned this into a John's-life-is-in-deadly-peril plea for money more quickly than I expected.

Since John is now a perpetual candidate for Congress, it would be nice if the FBI would investigate these death threats and reveal that Frank and John are the authors. (The rape threats are what law enforcement calls a Big Clue that the threats are fake. There's not a member of phylum Chordata other than Frank, the perverted paypig, that would have sex with John, the ghoulish 6-foot-5 shemale.) Capping the investigation off with a criminal prosecution of the con artists would also be helpful.

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with tens of thousands of hateful comments and multiple death threats and rape threats. You can see my Twitter handle here.
So... they'll all be there? Viewable to, say, curious people who might want to see if this time maybe the harassment is real? Because surely tens of thousands of hateful comments can't be you exaggerating again. Or claiming rape and death threats when there aren't any?

To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if there actually were a couple - gun spergs are like any other sperg, which means there's always room for something. But it's Wu. We're going to need that thing she hates most - evidence.


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Didn't expect John to m.ilk the stupid gun tweets situation quite this much this fast. But hey, may as well go all out, right?

He's been desperate for some sort of gg-like harassment to start again. It's the only way he ever gets any attention. I really hope this snapping turtle freak doesn't get elected because of this ridiculous shit, but never put it past voters to be dumb (remember at least one twitter post saying a person voted for Wu because they thought they were a totally different Wu running for a different position entirely?).

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It's sad how much she's enjoying this. She can't get positive attention so she just goes down the fake harassment route time and time again. You look at her mentions. there's no death and rape threats, just lots and lots of people telling her she's a moron. And they're all right.
It's literally 'The Boy who Cried Wolf' except the boy got a sex change and the wolf never existed.


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getting one legitimately requires a Class 3 permit,
A transferable pre-ban just requires a Form 4 and $200 on top of whatever the going rate is for purchase. You can't just get an FFL and a Class 3 SOT to buy and play with NFA items, you have to actually do business, and you're not getting a post-sample without a police demo letter, so you better have some friends in government to boot.


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For all the anti-gun spergs like her who go on and on about "scary" rifles......

One of the most common firearms around when the Founders drafted the Constitution, the only guns the gun grabbers think you have even a remote chance of legally owning, the Brown Bess musket, is a .75 caliber weapon..... exceeding the current ATF definition of banned "destructive device" weapons by a cozy one-third margin...... but ignorance like that is to be expected.

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The funny thing is, a lot of successful politicians are themselves just as ignorant and stupid as Wu. The difference is that Wu openly displays his ignorance on the internet for the entire world to see and then blames his ignorance on people who don't even know Wu exists.
Politicians who have been trying to ban guns for decades are still completely clueless. The 1994 Crime Bill that included that lovely assault weapon ban proves it. The politicians picked guns out of books and magazines that looked scary and put them on the naughty list. These same idiots would have a stroke if they realized that any common deer rifle is considerably more powerful than the guns they want banned.

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Trust me, I'm a doctor.
I still can't get over the fact that the original AWB went after bayonet lugs..... lord knows how many convenience store clerks were killed by Banzai charge at 2am back in the day....
Bayonets look scary. They must be banned for the sake of the children. Don't forget about all those drive by bayonet attacks.

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