2019-03-07 - Complaint against Rekieta Law: "Mr. Rekieta mocks you as a pro se litigant" -


This is an unusual thread in that it's not a complaint to us, it's a complain to the Minnesota Ethics Commission over alleged ethical misconduct concerning Nick Rekieta of Rekieta Law. It is regards us, but more specifically it's about Rekieta's coverage of a lolsuit on his YouTube channel.

Nick wanted the bylines censored, which I've done. It will surely warp your brain to uncover who was behind this.



Fire-Bear Cyberbully Girl
Oh god Mr. Rekieta! Please stop making videos about how I'm a cuck who doesn't understand the legal system! You'll hurt my FANTASTIC reputation even more than these trolls have!

Complaints against someone that knows law inside and out will go well, surely. Literally tossed in the trash.


Lol, turns out that the first amendment is a real thing and you can't discipline a lawyer for having naughty opinions, or publicly discussing a public record.

Oh shame of shames, he "uses comedy and drinks alcohol" lol. This lady has never been around lawyers, about half of what goes on other than work is drinking and cracking jokes.

Tiny Clanger

Warp Factor Dial set to: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
True & Honest Fan
Well for a second I thought it was Tommy Tooter but he's legit too inept to manage even this.

Oh madcucks, you're the gift that keeps giving.
I'd actually be impressed if it were Tommy. It'd be the most got-his-shit-together thing he's managed in....well, forever.

Fortunately it'll never happen. And we'll enjoy various 911 calls as Tommy tells them of his very urgent and immediate problems regarding small green fruit and some sort of sneezy thing, all filtered through a shit-ton of acid casualty, weed and no teeth.

I love Tooter.


fbi most wanted sskealeaton
True & Honest Fan
Just so I'm clear, did he ever discuss the whole Tamarlover thing at all?

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