2019-03-07 "US Congressional Candidate calls for Government Legislation in Response to Internet Trolls Attacking Captain Marvel" -

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Thank god someone is willing to stick up for this little move project that would otherwise be destroyed by negative reviews. I bet nobody even heard of it/was planning to see it before these trolls started trashing the movie.

In all seriousness, Disney could have picked the most obscure superhero possible and still had a box office hit on their hands for no other reason than the movie is loosely tied into the next Avengers. Even without that, it's not like Marvel movies are struggling to make a profit. It also isn't the first time a Marvel movie was slammed with negative reviews. I know it happened with Black Panther, and a bunch of angry DC fans slammed Avengers too because they were convinced Disney paid off reviewers to say Justice League was bad. Anyone into the MCU is going to see this movie no matter how many negative reviews it gets. There might be a small percentage of viewers on the fence about it and swayed by negative reviews, but I sincerely doubt it will be enough to make even a barely noticeable dent in the movie. It is also bound to get positive reviews because the majority of reviewers aren't going to want to risk saying anything negative about Marvel's first female superhero movie. At worst, it might get compared to Wonder Woman and not hold up as much, but it's still going to be a commercial success.
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Waaaay too serious
Wu is an idiot.
Were there any doubt?
I mean, s/he's still the same person that sent a glitched campaign mail with the <<first name>> format, but wasn't able to use the code correctly and instead of the actual first name any kind of idiot that would support this lolcow got a mail saying "<<first name>>,today is a very important day for our npc campaign".
And she got triggered by the #learntocode hashtag, only a complete disfunctional moron would take that personally. But then again, only a cretin could've taken 4chan seriously.

Also why the fuck should the government dictate what's entertaining or not? Do we really need Orwell's 1984?
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In an age where shitposting can make or break a political candidate, Brianna Wu realizes that he's a long ways away from having another moon rocks moment.