2019-03-15 - Christchurch Complaints -

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From: Christchurch, New Zealand Emergency Services <xxx@christchurch.co.nz>
Kiwifarms.net has a video of a terrorist act that happened in Christchurch, New Zealand. Please take down.


From: Scott <xxx@vorco.net> (New Zealand ISP)
Cloudflare customer hosting mosque shooting manifesto and video
In light of the mosque shooting in New Zealand, please review the linked page below and consider disconnecting your customer who is hosting the manifesto and video recording of the shooting.


From: Anonymous
Hosting video and other violent acts as mass murder in NZ today
promoting, hosting and spreading violent content


The following message has been sent from NZ Police <xxx@police.govt.nz> (IP: Gov't IP from NZ) via the contact form at Kiwi Farms.

Removal of New Zealand shooting video

Hello. As I am sure you are aware, your website has some video streams of a shooting in New Zealand from earlier today. Sharing violent footage such as this could be considered to be an objectionable publication under the Films, Videos and Publications Classification Act 1993. To knowingly distribute an objectionable publication is a criminal offence.

Please could you remove any links to the site immediately.


From: Anonymous
This site frequently hosts white supremacists and terrorist video including video from the terrorist attack in Christchurch New Zealand.
Do you really want to be providing filtering and DDoS protection to terrorists?


From: xxx <xxx@crypt.nz>
Subject: Terrorists kiwifarms.net

Why are you hosting a terrorists website kiwifarms.net

Is this really something you want to be associated with.

Be better human beings. Don't tolerate white supremacists terrorists.


From: Jane
Please can you get the NZ terrorist video link removed from this website.
You have had plenty of requests. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/2019-03-15-christchurch-complaints.54324/


The following message has been sent from Gerald <xxx@online-cit.org> (IP: Proxy from France) via the contact form at Kiwi Farms.

Abusive Video

Hi, an abusive video has been found on your site at the link below. It glorifies hatred and shows distressing images. Please can you remove it from your site. Thanks.


Archive of their shit looking site: https://archive.fo/KJ9Uu


The following message has been sent from Gerard <xxx@gmx.com> (IP: Proxy from UK) via the contact form at Kiwi Farms.

Violent Content Removal Request

Hi, we have found content that incites acts of terrorism and violence on your site at the link below. This content supports murder and violence towards human beings . Please remove this content from your site. Thanks.


From: Anonymous
If you visit their homepage it shows a child covered in blood from being shot by a terrorist, I&#039;m not sure if they still had their clothes on as the blood was covered all over the 4 year old.
I find it interesting that cloudflare seems to care about child porn but doesn&#039;t seem to care about terrorists using their DDoS protection to host terrorist videos.
50 human beings LOST THEIR LIVES and you are protecting their site from DDoS and giving them anonymity.
Comments: In fact why isn&#039;t hosting and profiting from the deaths of 50 people MORE offensive than child porn. People died and Kiwifarms is making money and promoting their deaths from hosting it.
How is that possibly not more offensive than child porn


from: Eddie webb <eddie.webb101@gmail.com>
to: ichverbot@gmail.com
Don't talk trash about shit you don't even have the intelligence to understand.
Come to New Zealand and say that in public then see the reaction you get.

Edward Webb

from: Eddie webb <eddie.webb101@gmail.com>
to: ichverbot@gmail.com
lol do you think this intimidates me? You found a second email account to send your faggy fucking emails to?

pathetic, weak sheepfuckers. enjoy your hijab wearing woman president stealing your methods of self-defense from muslim rapists, cuck.
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Squire of Gothos

General Trelane, retired. At your service!
I listened to the video on this site and the gunman's tone and tambor shook me to my core... it's like he was speaking to me and the things he said... it made me do something unnatural and unholy may God forgive me:
I blame you Joshua Connor Moon for hosting this horrifying content! Shameful! Please continue to host more :semperfidelis:
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