2019-03-15 - Christchurch Complaints -

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I never got the whole "don't say the shooter's name" or "don't share the video of the event" things. This is a fucking massive event that needs to be discussed, not Harry Potter. There's no reason to tiptoe around the shooter's name or DFE about them, none of that shit poses immediate public danger and even forwards the conversation about what happened in some cases.


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It was only Muslims killed, not actual people, so nothing of value was lost. Besides it may be "the biggest terrorist attack in NZ history", but it's nothing compared to 9/11/2001, and they show that on mainstream TV yearly, so NZ needs to man up and get the fuck over it.


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Insane. It's amazing how the farms is slowly becoming one of those places to find primary source information on these widely suppressed events. Null, you should think about getting more servers, this site is becoming more important than ever.
I second this notion. There's no logical reason why shit like this needs to be censored like it is now in our brave New world.

If anything, people need to see this shit to show them an example of a pathetic human being who took memes too far.

I'm tired of having my internet ruined. People live streaming mass murder while meme-ing is a sure fire way to have the man clamp down even harder on our internet.

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I have to say, I am shocked at the level of complaint we are getting on this. More than shocked, I also find amusing the way that several of these complaints were made.

If you have read the OP to this thread, you know that several of the complaints were filed by government entities and by at least one ISP. Why do we know this? They used their official emails to file these complaints. Making sure that we know that the complaint was understood as more than official, but perceived to be grounded in law, one of the complaints cited an NZ Act.

This amuses me because these entities are trying to control our content and all they have to do it with are email domain names and laws in countries that have no jurisdiction over this website.

The amusement becomes farcical to me when I realize that the material they are complaining about was recorded only a few hours ago and at least two law enforcement officers have enough time to file complaints against a small webforum hosting the material where other content includes an autistic man fucking a rubber woman, a 600 lbs woman doing jumping jacks and an autistic girl's pony panties.

When 9/11 happened I had to watch thousands of people die every day for months. FOX News would show video of people being shot, blown up, hung, etc. This tard shot a bunch of people, and that is newsworthy raw footage of a significant event.

It does suck for NZ that this happened, but blacking it out won't change anything, and an independent, raw historical record of significant events should not bring this level of concern to police or private citizens.
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