2019-03-15 - Christchurch Complaints -


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So this is how law enforcement is taught to handle an emergency these days.

"Remember, in case of mass shooting, your top priority is to check obscure forums of weirdos who obsess over autistic dog-fuckers to make sure they don't host videos of the event."
They apparently responded faster to noticing the video online than they did to the shooting where the shooter shot up a place for several minutes, then slowly ambled off half a block to rummage around for another gun, go back to shoot some dead bodies, then again wander back.

Then he just drove off without anyone even there yet.

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I gotta add my voice to those who say the video needs to stay available, no matter how unpleasant it is. The only excuse I can think of for having it removed would be if making it available fucks up an active investigation, and even then there would be compelling reason not to remove it. I'll do my bit by seeding the torrent; no need for the site to do the actual hosting.

When shit happens, you can't just erase it and pretend it never happened. If public policy will be shaped by such incidents, then the public deserves to know exactly what happened. If nothing else, it makes bullshit harder to disseminate later.


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I'm looking forward to all the tweets from the usual suspects calling for the authorities to shut down the farms/8chan/4chan/subreddits they don't like etc. and how all these people being tragically murdered is all about THEM, bonus points for the inevitable shoehorning of trans shit into it somehow.


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I never got the whole "don't say the shooter's name" or "don't share the video of the event" things. This is a fucking massive event that needs to be discussed, not Harry Potter. There's no reason to tiptoe around the shooter's name or DFE about them, none of that shit poses immediate public danger and even forwards the conversation about what happened in some cases.
the basic idea actually has some merit. what do the majority of these shooters want when they do this?



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the basic idea actually has some merit. what do the majority of these shooters want when they do this?

I'm pretty certain they also want people dead, and by the time these things get out that's already been accomplished, so plugging your ears and covering your eyes until CNN or whomever tells you it's safe to watch and read their coverage of things accomplishes nothing. I don't want my ad dollar (lmao, as if I had one) or my time going to any entity that's going to spin terrible shit in any way.

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Be better human beings. Don't tolerate white supremacists terrorists.
... by pretending this didn't happen and censoring everything about it.
Becase that worked so well in the past.

the basic idea actually has some merit. what do the majority of these shooters want when they do this?
I disagree. What they want is to get the message across, in this case his hatred for a certain ethnic and religious nation. These guys must be analyzed further than "crazy egocentric man shoots people" if we want to find the root cause of the problem.

It's clear that by not mentioning who they are/were, you're contributing nothing but adding a certain mystique to the act itself. The guy was a channer, for god's sake. What does that say about his individualism?
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"The spread of the video could inspire copycats, said CNN legal enforcement analyst Steve Moore, a retired supervisory special agent for the FBI.
"What I would tell the public is this: Do you want to help terrorists? Because if you do, sharing this video is exactly how you do it," Moore said.
"Do not share the video or you are part of this," he added."

"Do not share the video or you are part of this," he added."

Congratulations, Null. The FBI now considers you a terrorist.


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You know, a betting man may put money on the possibility that there's a reason they want it shut down.

The same betting man might then realize that that reason is worth us keeping it up for that same reason.

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