2019-04-23 - "We raised MORE MONEY than a sitting congressman!" -


We. Raised. More.
Hey! Brianna Wu here. I wanted to personally reach out to you to tell you the AMAZING news! We raised more money from individuals last quarter than Representative Stephen Lynch! That is STUNNING that more individuals supported us than a sitting member of Congress.

Of course, we all know the corruptive effect of money in politics. And unlike us, Lynch has no ethical problem going to giant corporations and taking their cash. Overall, he raised slightly more than us because he takes money from corporate PACs. To compete, WE MUST make up Lynch's PAC gap so we're on equal footing going into Q2.

We must raise $15,000 between now and the end of the month.


We don't accept money from corporations because WE DON'T REPRESENT THEM. And that's why I'm personally reaching out today to ask for your help.

When a campaign like mine decides to forgo corporate money, WE ARE TRUSTING YOU to support us instead. I cannot win this by myself. It's not enough to believe in a progressive future, we have to be willing to fight for it.

Please, stand with us. Make your voice heard.
Your friend,


Note: "Corruptive" is not a word. "Corrupting" is.


Enter the void.
How will Lynch ever recover?


I'll give Wu this: Truly a real communist would refuse the benefits a capitalist society gives, like taking support from businesses that agree with your policies. Let the people do the paying, which isn't a lot.

You could not more effectively show how fucking stupid and destined to fail your methods are. Most people aren't going to vote based on whether you're a Gamergate "survivor."

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I'll give Wu this: Truly a real communist would refuse the benefits a capitalist society gives, like taking support from businesses that agree with your policies. Let the people do the paying, which isn't a lot.
libs btfo
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I’m not sure many corps would want to donate to Wu....
Probably because anyone running a PAC or a corporation can look at the last election's results and see that a scarecrow with a "NOT LYNCH" sign hung on it could get the same numbers Wu did. Hell, probably more because the scarecrow can't talk and make everything worse like Wu did every time he had a chance to speak with an influencer.
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Maybe someone more bored than me could check, but other than the first quarter when she got a load of randos donating off the back of a New York Times article, has Wu ever had another quarter where her campaign has been in the black?

As far as I recall, it's all been deficit spending propped up by the Bank of Frank.

Wu's message seems to be that actually she raised 40K less than Lynch, who was only looking to raise his office expenses anyway because he's got a 1.5 million warchest and never needs to spend it. I can't work out why she thinks this is a good message to run with. Everyone on her email list has got to be burned by now, they get a new email from Wu every week and it's never with any message other than gibmedat.

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We made more money than Lynch but Lynch actually made slightly more.

Narrator: Stephen Lynch made $40k more than John/Brianna.

I guess to someone who’s parents gave him $250k to start an animation studio and who’s husband has blown hundreds of thousands on him, $40k isn’t much?


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lol Lynch raised over $60K and Wu raised $23K. You've got to be pretty exceptional to claim victory based on those numbers. Who gives a shit if your individual contributor total was $4K higher than your opponent when you get spanked that badly by the total amounts.


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What combination of Apple products, trips, or pay to win games costs $15k? ?

дядя Боря

I don't know if John truly an idealistic dumbass, because he's got all the traits of typical SJW hypocrite and proven to be one in the past. There is nothing stopping him from playing granny Warren, take in massive $$$ from pharmas and big corps, then turn around and bitch about plight of working man kept down by big business.

Boston politics are oversaturated with douchebags and homos. It's 2019 and there are already two candidates from this tiny state running for POTUS in 2020. Everyone is gay, being LGBTQ+ isn't a big deal in Boston. Getting on that gravy train is tough but had nice payoff, especially with all the clowns getting elected lately.

I question if decision not to take money from corps is voluntary, because you can't just break into politics in Boston by your lonesome. I bet that he is having hard time raising money from corps. May be he already does but splits those donations into a different money pool. Libtards have been known to misuse campaign funds, that's like 2nd or 3rd lesson from Dims 101.

If someone has spare time on their hands, may be bait the dude posing as a rep from a megacorp with a giant support check in exchange for dick picks.