2019-04-28 - Russell Greer: After 2 weeks in development, hopefully, it's been worth the weight

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Nov 14, 2012
From: Russell Greer <russell.greer.28@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2019 04:44:49 -0600
Subject: Updated DMCA Letter
To: legal@kiwifarms.net, null@kiwifarms.net


Dear Joshua Moon,

Please find attached my updated DMCA Takedown Notice. In this letter, you will find links that lead directly to the infringing materials. I am asking that you have the material removed from your site by tomorrow.

Also, please do not publish my email onto your site.




Subject: Re: Updated DMCA Letter
To: Russell Greer <russell.greer.28@gmail.com>
From: Null <null@kiwifarms.net>
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2019 16:06:21 +0300

I hope the irony of sending a copyright complaint using a template you
copied off the Internet is not lost on you.

Your first link is to a post containing a reference to a file hosted on
Google Drive, so I'm not sure why you're complaining to me about this
and not to Google.

Your second link is to a song which is unarguably your copyright. I will
not be removing it because I believe in good faith it is fair use. In
this specific instance, I will waive whatever safe harbor protections I
have and personally burden liability for posting it.

You, Russell Greer, are a public figure who has filed lawsuits against
multiple public figures multiple times. You are a published author,
songwriter, singer, motivational speaker, and dancer who has voluntarily
posted his multimedia works to half a dozen social media websites with
the intention of receiving publicity for it.

The participants in the thread about you on my website are critics of
your work. You have a propensity to delete works from public viewing at
random and without warning. In order to actualize criticism of you, what
you produce, and what you do in a way that would satisfy a critical
audience in the future, I find it necessary to preserve the song in its

This does not infringe upon your market. The critical audience of your
work is distinct from the consumer audience of your work. The people who
would patronize you or your music are not going to be users of the Kiwi
Farms in the thread about you. Discovery of this hosted file on the
website is incidental to being critical of you, not incidental to
supporting you.

Send service to this address.

Joshua Moon
913 Beal Pkwy NW
Suite A-1017
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547

Under penalty of perjury,
Joshua Moon


From: Russell Greer <russell.greer.28@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2019 11:18:50 -0600
Subject: Re: Updated DMCA Letter
To: Null <null@kiwifarms.net>

I don't think you know what "fair use" is. But ok. Thanks, Josh.

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Subject: Re: Updated DMCA Letter
To: Russell Greer <russell.greer.28@gmail.com>
From: Null <null@kiwifarms.net>
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2019 20:19:17 +0300

Try me.


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Feb 10, 2017
Clever and logical to point out his tendency to constantly memory hole things pretty much forces you to keep this sort of thing around in it's entirety for fair use to even work, else his baleeting the song in question would make referencing the original impossible so you can cite what was given criticism and/or parody.

I'd love to see how he plans to counter this, since it's own memory holing that is now coming back to haunt him.
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