2019-07-31 - Campaign Email: $1,992 by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT -


1992 is also the year I was born. How romantic.

I hope this means she's not getting on the ballot or something.



Paul here, Brianna's campaign manager.

Today is the last day to meet our monthly goal, and we're only $1,992 short! We have until midnight tonight to get there!

Please rush in a contribution now!

If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:
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Brianna truly appreciates your support, and so do I. We are working hard every day to build a Bolder Democratic Party, but we can't do it without your help!

Please donate before tonight's midnight deadline.

Thanks so much,



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and yet:


Marissa Moira

I have to wonder does john still care about the bad game he made?

What if someone remade his game proper with actual art direction and gameplay as a joke and then after angering him simply change some of the character models so they look different enough and then resold the game under a different title?


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Who's Paul? There is an actual team trying to sneak this skinwalker into congress?
He’s on their payroll. My guess is he tried at first to reason with them and show them how an actual campaign works, but Brianna snarled and threw an iPad at him so now he just sits around collecting a paycheck and campaigning via twitter like Brianna thinks is a good idea
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So in other words, Paul has $8 in his pocket? That’s actually a step up from Wu’s prior campaign staff who had to dumpster dive for compensation.