2019-08-16 - 5 Years of Gamergate -


Cassandra on the Online

It's hard to believe it's been five years since this all started.

For the New York Times, I wrote about being one of the women who Gamergate trolls harassed with death threats and rape threats.

I stood my ground. I met with the FBI, the White House, and Congress. But I am still waiting for justice.

Perhaps the most lasting legacy of Gamergate will not be prosecutions but the leaders who stepped up after the carnage. The people who hate us are more organized. The sad fact is, many Gamergaters are now Trump supporters. But we are organized, too, and we will never back down.

The lesson of Gamergate is that asking the status quo to do the right thing doesn’t work. In a way, that is empowering. I decided to run for Congress, where I'll work hard to fight online extremism to prevent this from happening again.

Please help me get there by donating today.

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Don't you got better things than reading this?
Okay, what is Gamergate specifically and why is it constantly brought up regularly?
4chan's /v/(which would then become 8chan's /v/) tried to be a good guy for once to expose obvious political bias, favoritism, nepotism, and it was more or less the precursor to the SJW era in everything that has to do with Geek stuff.


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faggots getting mad at other faggots instead of playing game themselves like we used to do. Play a shitty game and you either returned it to blockbuster or put it back on the shelf.
On the one hand, the lies were more systematic and insulting than that.

On the other hand, expecting honesty from industry journalism is insane.


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(...) but the leaders who stepped up after the carnage.
Woah, bit of a strong word to describe a bunch of retards online shitposting about your lack of self awareness. Also, is this all you got? Gamergate, five years later? Why don't you build your campaign on something more real instead of an event that literally no one took seriously except you?

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